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a story and a constant battle

After 2 and a half years of blogging I thought I would've cracked it by now, posting at least once a week, showing off my eggs florentine, boasting about my latest pair of mules and the other typical blogger bullshit I do. Instead I am here editing this post at midnight and barely scraping together a post of month. Yes, I am hanging my head in digital shame.

I'm not lost in the sauce of likes though, I'm aware that being a successful blogger isn't measured by how many posts you write and how many blogger besties you have, even though it is lovely to have you guys. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is my favourite album, it is Lauryn's only album, released in 1998 and here I am in 2019, still a loyal servant of Ex-Factor and Doo-Wop. An unproblematic queen reminding us all that quality over quantity every time.

However in this extremely cut throat industry, not uploading to Instagram for 24 hours can leave you 24 followers behind and wondering wtf you've done wrong this time. Erm, I guess no one was feeling my new nail colour post, *crosses future hand pics off of the list*. The internet is impatient, give them 5 minutes and they'll be on to the next best thing. I'm cool with taking my time in the digital world but I thought it was time to have this conversation with you guys.

Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

A Seat With Shay was born because writing and pictures gave me a fuzzy feeling inside and I thought I had cool outfits from time to time. I started talking about my anxiety and now I feel comfortable enough telling you guys practically anything, it's lovely but I have more to say and I would like to say something at least once a week.

I'm a soul who thrives when her life is in order, when her food shopping list is written, when she's using her diary and when her energy is balanced. I've always been like this, an un-spread bed and a day without a to-do list is not the kind of day I enjoy.

After devoting my life to reading books, meditating and understanding my anxiety struggles, naturally my main priority has become just that, protecting my mental and anything or anyone that messes with that is put on ice, no exceptions. My sanity comes first because I know once I lose this, the very thing that makes me me, I will no longer be fit enough to support my loved ones, be a great wife or to be the mother I want to be to my future children.

So I focus on creating a mental place that feels like 'home'. For me home is a place where my energy is balanced, a place where I am able to be creative without distractions, a place where I feel safe and a place where I can recharge, turn my phone off and zone out. That's when I feel my best and that's when I wake up ready to write, ready to design and create.

Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger


Bag - Zara

Mules - Primark

Lately and every year (at different times) since I've started blogging my life has been very much unbalanced. It's all of that real life, heartbreaking, mental health and responsibility stuff that leaves me fe