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Listening to: 'Binz - Solange'

I'm the daughter of British Caribbean parents. Lone wolf for 8 years soon turned protector and sissy-mama of three. I found escapism in my imagination and the media. Crooklyn, The Spice Girls and Julia Roberts movies helped me become the little blogger babe I am today. Music, film and fashion stole my heart and I've never looked back since.

I knew I would do something creative, something that would allow me to bring people into my ever evolving mind. A way to express the noise that just wouldn't shut up. "Surely, there's no one else thinking this. I know I am different." Literally my brain at 10 after thinking about the Universe and why world peace was so unachievable.

~ Creativity involves breaking established patterns ~

Here I am 25, mostly shocked that all of the adults I knew who were once 25 were obviously bullshitting their way through life but also feeling stuck.

I look at my only creative outlet and it's all so black and white, boring and uninspiring. I haven't pushed any boundaries, I haven't lived up to my greatest fear of being like everyone else and I haven't pushed myself creatively. My mind is a canvas of ideas, a scrapbook of pictures, colours, fonts, food, style and design but I haven't got past the first few pages.

In my head, if I just have more time, more money, go out more, do more, then all of my creative dreams will fall into place.

Spoiler: Bullshit.

I have been making excuses for a very long time. That's the whole point about creativity, it's everywhere and you don't need all of the above to do it. Get off of your ass and create the art you want to create, be yourself, write, rip materials, stick things down, edit, turn your dress into a skirt and get on with it.

Colour Palette

London Lifestyle Blogger
London Lifestyle Blogger

Thoughts: This blazer is way too big. I wish I could take pictures of myself.

~ Alicante, 2019 listening to @zazaworldradio ~

I'm always inspired. I grab inspiration from fabrics, conversations, art work, music and all of the other great charms that life has to offer. Have you ever listened to a song and just wanted to move to a small farm and raise 5 kids? Listened to a Solange and felt like a carefree black woman even though you're a middle aged white man, cause same. Listened to a Cardi B and started feeling proud you made it out of the strip club, cause same.