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Hey there and welcome to A Seat With Shay - my life, style and self-expression blog.

 I fell into blogging over four years ago when I realised how much I loved to document and at times, over-share.

On ASWS you’ll find a bit of everything, from my love for personal style, to places I’m vibing with. You’ll also find think pieces about life, self-awareness and the culture and open conversations about mental health, love and whatever else inspires me...

people, food, interior design, music, art, wine, friendship and every single thing in-between.

I don’t have even a 1/4 of the answers, but if you too are committed to experiencing, learning and sharing, then this is the place for you.

Think of this blog as a dinner party with an open invite. Come as you please, enjoy a glass of your desired drink, learn, disagree, understand, get ideas and share yours. 

We’re just living our lives one Friday night at a time.

The Moments Club

Recently created by myself, The Moments Club is a leap away from the curated editorial feeling that many blogs/social media have these days. It’s about posting what you want and not just what looks good. 


It’s about be the most truest version of yourself on the internet and not creating unrealistic lifestyle images in an attempt to pretend you have your life together.


I don’t have my life together all the time, some weeks I’m on top of my game and killing it at my job and others my room is a mess, I have a hangover and I can’t find ‘my good bra’. 


Hashtag '#TheMomentsClub', if you too want to share parts of your real life on the internet and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

See blog post The Moments Club for more on how it came about. (Coming this week)

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