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This blog is my baby and I love the interactivity that comes with being apart of the online community but do you know what I also love? Signing out, closing my laptop and experiencing life through my own brown eyes. What ever happened to the days of 'Got 2 Go' and 'Be Right Back'?

My first flatscreen computer arrived at my house in 2006. Finally, the days of trekking to the internet cafe for an after school gossip over MSN were gone. Not having the internet at home prior to this meant the computer was a huge luxury for me. It was like a gift that I didn't want to overuse and although I would get lost googling the general rubbish that all 13 year old girls google, I also loved the excitement of turning it off and knowing that I would feel that same excitement again tomorrow. cute.

A couple of years on and it was completely alien not to have wireless broadband at home. We were all on MSN, MySpace, Bebo, Piczo and basically anything we could sign up, add a pic and chat to our mates and other complete strangers on. We had evolved from Habbo Hotel and were now having deep and meaningful conversations with our school friends about boys, the hate of maths and TV shows. Nethertheless there was still the beauty of G2G aka got to go aka this has been fun but I'm going back to the real world now, see you tomorrow and I miss that more than ever.

Jump to today 2018 and my phone is now my brain. We have access to crazy amounts of information, unlimited data and everyone has a smartphone because why would you even dream of having anything else in 2018, right? We are constantly online and we have lost the power to even sign out of some Apps like WhatsApp which drives me crazy. Our phones have to keep up with our fast lives, imagine having to wait until you get home to watch or read the news, so much can happen in 2 minutes and now we will never ever miss a beat.

Kim K uploaded new nudes? you'll hear about it. Trump says something stupid, again, you'll hear it in 5 seconds and our brains are constantly being fed tiny bits of useless information.

London Lifestyle Fashion Blogger


It's a bit weird though isn't it? You have to admit. The only time we are really not on our phones is when we are sleeping. This is why I hate push notifications, the ones that notify you of any alerts within apps while you aren't even on the app. It means that if we're not in the mood to be on social media, you'll still technically be on social media because you the notifications are 24/7. Even when you don't want to check the app it's hard not to when you are getting notified on your screen every hour that someone liked your tweet. WhatsApp is the one that really frustrates because as much it is super handy and I enjoy it, there is no 'sign out' option meaning unless we delete the app we are literally always on. creepy.


I've taken a new approach to these constant notifications and always being online and that is not feeling obliged to respond. I'm not 'airing' or ignoring you, I just respond to messages when I A. have the time to and B. when I want to because as I said we aren't obligated to reply. Being visibly 'online' on WhatsApp allows people to feel like you HAVE to reply to them because they can see you on. Well news flash, we don't. Maybe I'm just checking in with my mum real quick then I'm putting my phone back down or maybe I don't have the energy to tell you which selfie to upload on Instagram right now. I miss being able to appear on MSN offline because sometimes I might just wanna browse without feeling like I have to talk to everyone. Sometimes we just don't wanna talk and that's ok.


Who even says BRB anymore, who even bothers? It's kind of like we're always online anyway so we'll reply soon. I try my best to BRB and G2G as much as possible and literally whenever I feel like my brain has had an overload of online ineractions and notifications.

I only engage in conversations online when I have the energy to, I don't feel bad for taking 'me' time and I don't feel bad for being 'seen' online and that 'Last Seen' exposer is forever and always off. Pop up notifications are a big no duing 'me' time and if I cannot resist the urge to open the app, or open it subconsiously then I just delete them for at least a day and trust me I feel so much more refreshed.

Remember there was once a time when there was no internet at all and everyone lived perfectly well. We are in a much different time now so of course we must utilise our resources but remember to nurture your mind, your soul and to pay attention to the people around you.

It's ok to BE RIGHT BACK, the internet will be waiting for you when you get back.

Love, Shay.

London Lifestyle Fashion Blogger



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