I did this post last year so I thought I would make it an annual thing. At first I didn't want to because I felt like I hadn't done much this summer but looking back at this post, the lie detector test has determined that was a lie. Also I'm alive and breathing and should be grateful regardless. Looking back at these memories reminds me of how blessed I am and how much fun I have with the people around me.


1. Jamaica 2017

Jamaica was a bittersweet trip. My Grandad passed away so I went for his funeral, I was sad but it also makes me happy when someone who has lived a full and happy life isn't in pain anymore. Also was super fun to travel with my cousins, see my dad and create more memories.

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2. Street Party/Baby Shower

Good food, family, candy in the middle of the street and sunshine was the perfect way to return to the UK. We then went off to my cousins baby shower which was beautiful, I love you guys.

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3. Matts BBQ

The annual BBQ of the year did it's thing this year. At this point, it's a festival and always a bloody good time. The music and food was on point, well done #TeamMatt.

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4. Declans Pool Party

The one event that made it to both my 2016 and 2017 lists. Thanks Declan for having the best birthdays each year and thanks Manny for being my mate so that I can be invited lol. This year featuring Ri and Shuk.

5. Char's Baby Shower

Newest member to the family has now been delivered and I had so much fun celebrating and capturing my cousins baby shower this summer. I then went on to my friends boyfriends BBQ, so as usual the party never stops.

6. Barcelona 2017

This last minute trip really made my summer. We went for Candy's birthday and why hadn't I been to Barca before? I loved it. I was too drunk everyday, hung over 24/7 and I loved every bit of it apart from vomiting in the street. Judge me if you will but I'm living with my best life haha.

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