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Khaki TX MAXX dress


How are you this week? First of all it's nearly October and this year is weirdly going really fast and dragging at the same time, get me to Christmas dinner and the NYE countdown already.

This weekend I went out for my cousins birthday, I know 80% of my pictures are in this exact spot in my room but unfortunately my 14 year old sister and my camera couldn't come to the club with me, if I could fit them into my handbag I would of.

I had no time to find anything to wear, my dad came down from Jamaica and I had a lot on. I had time to pop into TK MAXX and quickly try on a few dresses. The last was this little khaki gem at only £15.99, don't all clap at once.

Funny enough I bought these heels last year from TK MAXX for £15.99 so basically TK MAXX has saved my life more than once.

What do you guys think of my last minute purchase?

I know TK MAXX gives off major jumble sale vibes but there are always hidden treasures somewhere on the rack. Leave a little comment below on your TK MAXX thoughts.


It's a yay from me when I have the time.

Khaki dress

Khaki TXMAXX dress
Khaki TXMAXX dress
Khaki TX MAXX dress

With Love,

Shay RS x

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