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Dear Humans,

Blogger relaxing on the beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami, 2016. Happiness level 1002

It's getting so cold outside but I'm kind of glad, I can start wearing coats, wrapping up in my dressing gown and watching Netflix in bed with a cuppa. I love Summer but I appreciate the coziness of Winter and after all I am a Winter baby #Feb10th.

I wanted to express how I've been feeling lately in relation to this post, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I've felt a little slow in my blogging this month, I think it might be down to lack of inspo and if I am totally honest I haven't done much to get my blogging buzz back. I've kind of been on autopilot like wake up, sleep, repeat. I have a week to get my mind right and to focus on getting off the autopilot jet and taking in the world around me again. Here are some ways you and I can find instant happiness.

Side note: Not an eternal happiness blog post but just a few ways to make you feel better, smile a little more or feel at peace for that moment in time.

Side side note: I loveeee writing side notes.

1. It is the most obvious small things that make you happy in life and I think sometimes we forget how easy it is to put a smile on our own faces. Let's start with our favourite movies, feel good movies will always leave you feeling good even if it's for that 20 minutes after the film where you just cry tears of joy or listen to that ending song that warms your heart. Whatever your feel good film is, watch it.

Here are some of mine

- The Notebook (even though it ends in a somewhat sad way, it's actually a really beautiful ending and the whole concept of the film makes my soul happy and reminds me that true love conquers all)

- Bridesmaids (sometimes you just need to laugh at stupidly funny things and this film right here is stupidly that)

- The Help (one of my favourite films, yes I cry at the end so it's also a feel sad film. This film is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and feel happy that there is some good in the world despite the ugly)

- Love & Basketball (again, just me being soppy and loving love but it makes me smile every single time)

2. Let's never ever underestimate the power of music. Music is good the soul, good for the body and good for the mind. It can heal pain, make you happy and along with a smile can bring everyone from all walks of life together no matter how different they may be. When I'm feeling sad I love listening to sad music but after I've cried about a bucket full of tears I'll put on some feel good music that will cheer me up and give me the strength I need to take on the rest of my life (until my next cry day).

Here are some of my instant feel good songs

- Anything Michael Jackson but specifically (The girl is mine, One more chance, Human Nature and Man in the Mirror)

- Beyonce - XO, All Night

- The Beatles - Here comes the sun

3. Meditation helps individuals find inner peace. Inner peace helps individuals find happiness. Whether or not you are interested in practising meditation, taking time out of your day to evaluate and practice mindfulness can also have positive effects. Imagine all of our worries, struggles and anxieties were simply silenced out of our mind for half an hour every single day. After meditating, I feel balanced and positive every single time, give it a try and you will not regret it.

Other ways to find a similar peace is to leave your phone alone for an hour, make notes and reflect on how you feel/how your day went, pray/talk to God and having some down time.

4. Good food. I try to eat quite healthy Mon-Fri and tend to let loose on the weekends bc ain't nobody trying to order a salad at the bar on a Friday night. I don't have 'cheat days' per say in the week but if I am feeling down, you know what will probably make me feel better, my favourite food and I will not feel guilty about it one bit, like not one tiny bit. This is obviously not a solution for deeper issues like mental health, depression etc. however if I'm feeling a little sad on a Monday evening that lasagne is getting devoured #facts.

5. Pampering ourselves can have us feeling amazing really quickly. When you feel good on the outside it makes you feel a little better on the inside. Take a warm bubble bath, light some candles, get your nails & toes done, get that face mask on and that Prosecco on ice. This with a mix of a feel good film or feel good music is like the perfect Friday night, right?

Do you have any other feel good tips and will you try any of these when you're feeling a little low? Leave me a comment below and a Facebook like at the top of the page.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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