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Fashion and lifestyle blogger

It's November people! It's time to pack away your pumpkins and start cleaning your Michael Bublé albums. Perhaps it's because I am a winter baby that I am secretly in love with winter. Fashion, Christmas, New Years, family and hot chocolate. Name a better combo, I'll wait...

Winter gives off a magical Disneyland feeling and I revert back to my inner child's level of happiness. The grey skies and dark evenings are always worth it.

Today I am back with a little life update and a new seat. If you are new here, I post a new seat quarterly on It's me, sitting somewhere, talking to you guys about something. This Autumn I am sitting here on a spontaneous seat found in Covent Garden after a day out with my sister. It wasn't supposed to be 'the seat' but you can't really get more Autumnal than this beautiful orange and red flower arrangement. I'm sure you'll see a few new blog updates so be sure to check out my 'Quick Bits' aka quick posts on what I have been up to for the month and 'Shay RS Social', where I promise to provide you with all of your social media management needs.


I feel as if I am always in a transitional period, I chip and change a lot. Someone like me can read a short paragraph on the underground somewhere and my whole outlook on life can be changed right there and then. The need to acknowledge this transition comes in the form of my 25th birthday which is approaching on February 10th.

I have decided that this upcoming year is the year to create. As a creative person that's how you fully express yourself but lately I feel as if I haven't been creative in the way I want to. I want my GCSE Graphics and my FMP University creativity back. As a child I wrote scripts, plays and books, I created characters, designed magazines and let my imagination do it's thing. The feeling of not fulfilling my creative desires is really impacting my days and most importantly, my nights. So in 2019 my goal is to CREATE, whatever I want, no matter who reads, likes it or loves.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger

Fashion and lifestyle blogger

Speaking of flowing creativity you may have seen that I have flicked myself back on to YouTube. After months of declaring it and hating everything I have filmed I am finally doing it. For some people it is nothing to pick up a camera, film and post. For me it was a task that sent my anxiety into overdrive.

I don't want to do anything that feels forced. You can always tell who enjoys creating content and who is doing it for other reasons. 2 years on, I am more relaxed, I don't feel anxious about filming or posting and I really don't care if I look awkward or weird because that is literally me and all you can be is yourself.

Creating content has always been fun for me and YouTube is a great addition to this little blog. I am posting weekly and consistently (hold me to that), and if you see me slacking please feel free to get on to me. As I hope to grow my channel and create more videos, any feedback would be amazing. You can subscribe to my channel here and if you have a channel too, let me know in the comments below so I can subscribe back. Thank you for the support, it is so so appreciated.

Let's talk A Seat With Shay, I know I talk a lot about my 'next moves' with this blog. As I am spending more time creating and editing videos I am planning on posting when I have something great to share and creating a lot of relatable and seasonal content over the next few months. You will also see a lot of personal style posts like this one, as this is what I love love love to do.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger

If you are still here... I wanted to speak a little bit about being self-employed, I have spoken about 'Surviving without a 9-5' and as some of you may know I am currently self-employed. It's a decision I made after working freelance straight after University and loving it. It's isn't for everyone but I have no plans to look for a full-time job anytime soon. With that being said I just want to remind everyone that I do have a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, published articles and a lot of work experience. I think that it's important to have something to fall back on so that if there ever is a time where you feel like you need or want a permanent position then you have something there. I am looking forward to finding more writing and social media work in the next couple of months but this slower and creative working life is what sits well with my soul and full time employment isn't for everyone and that's ok.

Lastly I wanted to update you all on my spiritual journey. One thing I am focusing on this season is self awareness. I want to be in tune at all times with how I am making others feel, how I am feeling and why am I am feeling this way. Listening to my body is a the top of my list because physical strength and mental strength go hand in hand. This awareness includes continuing to eat healthy, daily yoga or morning stretches, drinking more water and taking my Vitamin E tablets to help with my weak joints and regular fatigue.

I am also paying attention to how other peoples energies affect me. Sometimes the people we love the most are the most draining. It's not that I am distancing myself but I have been aware of where, how and who I am spending my time with. There are weeks when you can't have certain energies in your life and there is nothing wrong with that. I have been quite busy lately too, not stressed out busy but just busy and it means I have to pick and choose my tasks and activities wisely. I can't wait to catch up with you guys on my next.

Love, Shay.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger



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