And If I had to confess my favourite style of jean it would be mom jeans. I am very specific about my style and outfits, I would say I mix practicability with my personal style everyday for ease and comfort. Mom jeans aren't too tight, they are high waisted enough to allow me to feel slim and trim and I am a fan of their baggy atheistic.

My style is very 90s inspired, I dress like my mum did 20 years ago and I am always subconsciously grabbing elements from her past style in my looks. I really don't know how to describe my style, and not to sound too dramatic but I don't know if it can be described. If I had to I would say a laid-back chic mum, who parties hard at night and spends her days at Farmers' Markets. Let's say Rihanna by night and a 90s Lisa Bonet by day.

LOOK 1 | "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom"

This is definitely a go-to outfit for me. I'm really in to dressing for all occasions just incase, a lot of my plans are spontaneous and I often have a lot of different places to go to in one day. Wearing a comfortable heeled boot means I am not too overdressed to pop to my local supermarket but I can hit a blogger event by evening #winwin. I love a heeled mule or heeled boots as my go-to shoe when I don't know if everyone is wearing heels or not.

I tucked this oversized shirt in on one side just to give the outfit a bit more personality and I like the peep of the black belt breaking up the outfit and matching my black boots. As always I am wearing gold hoops and would pair this with a black or gold hand-held bag.

LOOK 2 | Turtling-around

If you don't know what to wear this winter throw on a turtle neck. As a teenager I would never be caught dead in an 'uncool' turtle neck. Hello! What kind of my world was I living in. Turtle necks are simply the easiest jumper to style and makes an outfit automatically look chic. I think a black one goes amazing, with black or blue denim jeans and black boots.

I paired this look with my new Zara boots, I love the print detail on the back and the chunky platform look, these beautys are £39.99.


First of all if you haven't got a puffer jacket of this depth, please go out and buy one now. I'm not one to encourage impulse purchases but I have not been cold not one day whilst wearing this jacet. This particular one was from Bershka 2 winters ago however they always have similar ones in store and I have found some similar ones here.

Underneath this puffer I am wearing a navy blue round neck jumper and I kept it casual in my platform classic vans.

These jeans were a perfect £25.99 from Zara, I purchased them in April but you can get there new style Authentic Denim Mom Jeans here.


I loved writing a style and fashion post for you guys, look forward to more of these as I share more of my personal style with you guys. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Love, Shay.

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