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Hey festive humans,

Black Lifestyle Blogger Christmas Post

Tis the season.

I haven't done anything even slightly seasonal with the blog and I think it's reflecting my real life at the moment. I've purchased one gift, my tree is still boxed and I don't even have any batteries for my fairy lights, who am I?

Basically I'm half writing this to get myself Christmas ready and half for you guys. perhaps I should have had some red tinsel in these pictures but I'm wearing red so please note my effort.

Side note: Perhaps is quite a nice word to say isn't it? lol.

How to get Christmas ready (a guide, mainly for myself)

Plan your month

This is the month of non stop Christmas parties, dinners, present swaps and using the 'It's Christmas!' excuse which I have already started. I haven't paid attention to my diary more than I have this month because I have a lot of family, friends and work commitments to keep up with. To keep everything somewhat in order, I have to plan work dates, friend meet ups, christmas present swaps and all way in advance to make sure this month is no stress and all party.

Plan your purchases

I do this every 2 weeks anyway but it is crucial to plan every penny in December. I cannot lie, a mix of sales and last minute Christmas motives can have a girl feelings like she's Oprah however let's remember how broke we all are every Jan and humble ourselves shall we? good. I plan ALL of my outgoings, presents for each person and leave a little in the 'spontaneous Christmas budget' just to be on the safe side. Don't forget that NYE outfit, that's first on my list.

Buying your Christmas pressies

I start planning my Christmas presents in November because I love gift giving. I map out every person, what they might want and what I hope to get. I don't completely stick to it because I'll go out and see a lovely jacket and think hmm my Mum will probably like that and so then I slowly cross jewellery off of the list but it helps when I don't have a lot of time and definitely for online shopping.

Slowly wean yourself off of your diet

Cue the 'but it's Christmas' excuse, again #NoShameInMyGame. I am not on an actual diet plan but I do try and have a low carb, quite healthy diet Monday-Friday. Cue the need for mince pies, those pre Christmas dinner dinners (the best), the calories in that Prosecco and those extra sweet treats you start seeing around the house in the lead up to Christmas, oh and actual Christmas dinner. See you all on Facebook for those New Years resolutions then?

Good Christmas activities

The best part of this month is the never-ending activities and cool things to do. Winterville in Clapham, Winter Wonderland, Oxford Street for no reason other than it's pretty, Christmas jumper day, work Christmas party, Christmas Eve, Boxing day festivities and sale, NYE, NYD, it's a lot and you should be doing all of the above with no regrets whatsoever.

Hope you enjoyed the post and I will be following up with gift guides and more Christmas themed posts next week (hopefully), Merry December everyone, love.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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