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This blog has always been me chatting about stuff, stuff that means something to me like Conquering Self Acceptance, stuff that all women can relate to like Yes I'm A Girl And Yes I Have Periods and stuff fuels my soul like Fashion Trends vs. Personal Style. I'm not the best writer, my pictures are average and I do not buy new outfits every week for the sake of the blog. My goal has always been to come across as myself and hope that that will be a good enough USP.

In reality I am a person who likes to think for herself, I like forming my own opinion about everything and will never let anyone sway me. I like to be independent and I like to be fair. Fair to a fault, I mean sometimes I think the people I love would prefer if I agreed with them all the time because they're my people but nope, not me. If my worst enemy is making some valid points I must take them into consideration before reaching my final verdict (do not pick me if you want a biased opinion). I like to hang out with people as much as I crave alone time. I hate noisy rooms and conversations but I am equally probably the one with the loudest speaking voice, I like to think it's because I am passionate and not an overbearing opinionated lass in denial. I enjoy helping other people but I really hate people watching me do anything, writing, cooking, washing the dishes, tidying up, getting creative, anything (leave me alone). I tend to declare all of my faults before anyone else can use them against me, I over analyse, over think and over plan. I like over planning though because I have an umbrella on the day that no one thought it would rain, my two portable chargers are on 100% and are rarely used by myself because I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without 100% anyway and I carry tampons (if i can) just incase random girls in the toilets come on there period. Last min emergency? I'm probably your gal. For this reason I also get on peoples nerves because I am not here for the unplanned, late and unapologetic types. I don't like to discuss people too much because I wouldn't like it being done to me, I use sarcasm to avoid serious conversations and I have a bad habit of not responding to messages. Overall, I try to be a decent human being and law abiding citizen. 100% would recommend to a friend.

and breathe...

When it comes to my space on the internet, I want my readers to truly know me. I tend to mention facts that have helped shape me into the person I am currently. For example, I'll note that I grew up in a council flat in South East London with my mum, I've mentioned this because it's true. Do I hope it makes me more relatable to anyone else who grew up in similar circumstances? 100%.

I have anxiety and I've battled with depression but if you've been keeping up with me you'll already know that. I mention these where necessary because I want people to know that they aren't the only ones dealing with life's shitty things and it isn't something to be ashamed of.

I also don't want to be 'the girl with anxiety', it's not a defining factor and at this point in my life it does not control me. I want this message to be shared online as overcoming things is what life is all about, I want my readers to know this. I want it to be present in my own presence.

I'll dish a little about my home life, I want you guys to have some context but I'll never go into details. I want you guys to know what I feel comfortable sharing but I'll also keep the really personally stuff off of the internet. I want my readers to know that you can be open without over exposing yourself.

I often include sarcasm in my writing, this is a true representation of how I talk and handle situations. It's important for me to be myself and I want this blog to feel like a conversation with your bestie (it's me, I'm your bestie).

I want to be transparent but it is apparent that that isn't so easy for me. I want the people reading (you hun) to know the kind of person I am deep down and to know how to take my jokes without me having to apologise, be careful or have to declare it as such.

I want to come across fun. I don't try and make my blog posts extra quirky and funny because I am no *insert your favourite comedian here*, but I do want them to be the most interesting to look at. I want you to keep reading, I don't want to seem boring (one of my biggest fears in life) and I want you to keep coming back because your experience at my table was enjoyable.

With all of that being said it really is all about you guys. My readers, whoever you amazing lot are. I know how I want to come across but how I'm perceived is out of my control, a feeling I am uncomfortable with. But that's life - if my readers are anything like me then I know you guys can relate to my occasional stand-offish nature, my need to avoid serious encounters, my mind that is barely ever present and why I love this blog so much.

So that's all and I'll see you next time, if I'm a bit of you.

Love, Shay.



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