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Heals London Fashion Blog

Dress: Zara Headtie: Hair Shop Jewellery: H&M Seat: Heals of London

So we meet again. It's a new month, a new season and a new seat. This season I'm at Heals of London with NO shoes on as shoppers pass me by wondering what on earth this woman is doing. 3 years ago I wouldn't dare do anything that would make me stand out, embarrassed or involve me sitting on public stairs with my shoes off, growth.

I chose this shop because it fitted the vibe I wanted to go for for Seat 02. I have so many colours, ideas and themes I want to play with but I have many months to express them.

Let me not ignore the elephant at the table, I haven't been as active on here as I had hoped. Luckily this is a place where I can just be completely honest. I have an amazing holiday coming up so I've been working extra hard and when I'm not doing anything all I want to do is Netflix & sleep. It can be hard working part-time to chase your dreams, but I'm confident that my patience now will pay off later.

Last season I covered

and more.

I can't give too much away but just know that I'll be doing a lot more this season. Remember we all have a voice and if you have something to say, create a platform and say it, I did. Keep growing and glowing huns.

Love, Shay.

Heals London Fashion Blog

Heals London Fashion Blog

Heals London Fashion Blog



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