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Hey Humans,

Hey Internet,

Hey world and people whom I don't know that are reading this...

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I remember being told in Secondary school about this big dangerous world called the internet, I wasn't supposed to go on chat rooms because I would actually be talking to a 35 year old man who would stalk me after school. I wasn't to share any personal details about where I live, my picture etc. (standard child safety)

2 years later I found Piczo then Bebo then MySpace then Facebook and then boobs and boys, naturally. 2017 and now my face is plastered all over, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and more.

By more I mean that if I actually wanted to delete my face off of the internet completely I couldn't because I've made so many accounts over the years that not even my safest diaries know the password and this, this is bluddy worrying. It is safe to say those internet friendly rules have been broken.

I've gotten smarter obvs, I wouldn't post where I live or work but after sharing so many small details of yourself it can become pretty easy for those who want to, to know more about you than what you think you've posted.

In all honesty, I've connected the dots on a lot of people's lives. For example a blogger who is always posting in a certain area probably lives there or around there, they may even have that handy Snapchat location on, you'll catch up on clues, who they hang out with, the gym they go to, where they are and it is very very creepy.

Aside from the stranger danger aspect it opens you up to an ocean of criticism. Something that I can only imagine @KimKardashian must've become immune to at this point.

Luckily I don't have nearly enough views for anyone to actually comment 'rumours' or criticism on my page which is great cause I don't take criticism very well, even the constructive kind but I'm working on it.

life hack: get tougher skin before becoming a blogger

Never the less, there has to be someone who has rolled their eye's at something I've posted before.

But do you know what? That's what you get for oversharing on the internet. I have chosen to post snippets of my personal life along with my thoughts and insecurities. I'm kind of hoping that a blog like mine will make some of you sitting at home at with your equally chubby cheeks think 'Hey, it's not just me.' - par exemplé

At this stage in my life, I feel ok about it. It isn't just me, I share my friends and family too but I wouldn't post anything they weren't ok with cause it's not like they have chosen to blog. Maybe I'll feel different when I'm married and have a kid or maybe I just won't want to do it anymore but right now it's doing me more good than bad and expressing myself is extremely beneficial for my mental health.

So yeah, I'll be honest, personal and blunt on this blog and for those with opinions kindly screenshot and keep them to your group chat, that would be awesome.

To conclude (lol, haven't said that since Uni) can we all remember that just because someone shares parts of their lives on the internet does not mean they are computer generated. All people have feelings and it's not every rude thought that you have to comment under their YouTube vids, give them a break.

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Also about to sound like a mum but just be careful what you put on the internet cause it can be a cold place. People will talk whether you are doing bad or good so JUST DO YOU.

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With Love,

Shay RS x

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