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Happy Sunday,

Dear Humans With Love Blogger in Flower Field

My favourite day of the week. I'm currently sitting on my toilet after a fun Prosecco Garden Party at my cousins last night. I was supposed to work at 7am today, it is 11:22am and I am in my PJs. This is real life.

It is my last few days of work anyway *relaxes a little*.

I wanted to write this short post on gratitude today because I am feeling so thankful and so proud of myself. Proud of my blog, proud of my consistency and every time I get a little notification about my blog I don't know if I should smile. pinch myself or cry. When I pray, I don't ask for things, I give thanks and ask for the strength to be able to carry on.

I've pushed through consistently and I know I'm not the biggest blogger out there but in a year I have really worked hard on this thing and when you do that the results are clear as day.

I am SO SO SO grateful that anyone reads Dear Humans With Love, when I see a comment on my post I literally shout to my mum 'I GOT ANOTHER ONE!'. Each and every view, read, like, comment and share makes my day because this is what I work so hard on every single day (literally) and I know my family think I'm mad and I should go and get a full time job but this is just what works for me.

If you stick to your plan, everything you are working towards will soon become yours.

So I went from stressing that no one was reading my blog anymore to being confused and thinking my blog statistics must be broken because surely not all of those people are reading my blog, but you are :'(

I guess I just wanted to say thank you for reading. Most of my readers probably won't read this because it's probably one of my more boring posts but I hope you feel the love anyway and have the best Sunday.

Always be grateful no matter how small or big your achievement is. The smaller steps are the ones that count towards the bigger ones, never forget that.

And to my sister, once I can afford to I will back pay you for all of these amazing pictures you are always taking for me. #RunsInTheFamily #MiniMe

What are you grateful for today? Leave me a little message in the comment section below.

Dear Humans With Love Blogger in Flower Field
Dear Humans With Love Blogger in Flower Field

With Love,

Shay RS x

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