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Happy Sunday, Men are trash x

'Men are trash' 'Leave him sis' 'I'm coming to you as a woman' is literally 80% of my Twitter feed and I love it. Twitter is honestly one of the funniest places for opinions, stupid opinions and even more stupid opinions. That is what makes it so funny, the comments look something like...

'Is your dad trash too then?'

'Your dad's trash but your mum still took him back?'

'Don't come to me as a woman...'


But hey do you know what? All humans are trash. We sin, we lie including those white lies that we trick ourselves into thinking are acceptable, sigh. Take a look in the mirror 'sis', In conclusion Women Are Trash Too.

1. Because we continue to say men are trash despite knowing that the entire human race is trash.

2. Because we pick and choose when we care about double standards. We stay preaching 'Whatever men can do women can do too' and 'equality' but in reality we still want our shopping payed for, our bags carried and men to handle any maintenance issues.

3. Because we talk heavily about 'That could never be me, I would leave him!' when it probably will be us in the near future and we aren't leaving anywhere. We need to stop taking about what we would do in shoes that we aren't in?

4. Because we get annoyed when our Best Friends are with their other friends but yet we do the same damn thing.

5. Cause if men are trash for cheating then duh women are trash for cheating too. Let's not pretend cheating is exclusively for men because they are more sloppy with it.

6. Because Social Media envy is so real and and some of us are sitting at home rolling our eyes at those girls in a new country every week talking about 'Catch flights not feelings'. What is your job title sis?

7. Because we put other women down about their physical appearance. 'Her body is so skinny she looks awful' 'Why did she get surgery? She's so fake' How is anyone supposed to win? Take it up with God sis, we don't get to choose.

8. Because we ignore the good guys while chasing the bad guys, get our hearts broken and go and cry to the good guys who were there from the beginning. He's in the friend zone right?

9. Because we look down on those who take there man back meanwhile understanding where Beyonce was coming from with Lemonade. Guilty.

10. Because sometimes our whole snap story revolves around that 1 person seeing we 'living good' or 'have moved on'. Those people who don't snap the person they're on holiday with, at dinner with or who's car they're in. This one is for you, we see you and yes we are wondering 'who dat?'.

Because most of us can relate to some of this trashy post but won't admit it. Comment below if you can admit to at least one, actually comment some other reasons why women are trash too, I need a little laugh.

Yes not all men or women are trash and no I have not done everything in this blog post, however definitely guilty of about 6 of these. All for the love of Twitter.

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