Hey Humans,

Heads up, I'm writing this while I have writers block so please bare with me. I feel like I cannot string a decent sentence together right now but I am eager to share these Spanish Memories.

Barcelona, why did I not visit you sooner? When I got that Whatsapp message from my cousin like 'Barca for my birthday?' it was a no brainer. It was a little last minute so I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit it in but I was not going to be that girl sitting on her bed in London watching the fun on snapchat pass me by.

Spontaneity in your 20s is key.

There were 9 of us so we booked 2 beauts apartments in the same building.

Day 1

So after boarding our Easy Jet flight fastening our seat belts and putting our headphones in we got a bloody annoying message from our Pilot about our flight not being able to take off yet. I know delays happen and we have to rely on the weather and all of that jazz, but I would have preferred to be waiting in the airpot where I have access to things besides a toilet the size of my body.

After an awkward flight of me trying to fall asleep and failing, we arrived in Spain. Once we got to our apartment in true millennial tradition we took out our phones to Snapchat the apartment, as you do. Gotta show those Londoners what they are missing.

We put on our cute little outfits, drowned ourselves in pre-drinks and hit the road. We followed our resident tour guide (Latoya) who had been to Barcelona the year before. Advice - you need to literally sprint after Taxi's in the middle of the road to catch one. You might get run over, yo might die but there is no other way. Waving and smiling from the pavement like I see in the American films will have you there until there birds start chirping.

BLVD - R&B, Bashment, Rap, Hip-Hop. What a bloody good time you were. Oi you know on the first night when everyone takes it too far cause you're all too excited and you spend too much money and you don't remember how you got home.


Airport swag

Mixing Stripes

Pants - Zara sale £12.99 Top - Zara (Can't remember but no more than a tenner)

Girls Trip To Barcelona Airport outfit

Girls Trip To Barcelona Airport outfit

Girls Trip To Barcelona Airport Outfit

Girls Trip To Barcelona Apartment

Girls Trip To Barcelona Apartment

Girls Trip To Barcelona Apartment

Girls Trip To Barcelona

Girls Trip To Barcelona Fashion

Day 2

Why does everyone else go home feeling like crap, sick or sleep it off and wake up somewhat ok. Yeah not me, I go to bed feeling amazing and wake up still drunk tricking myself that I'm 'doing amazing sweetie' only to crash midday. Spoiler - I crashed midday.

We went off to the beach and probably should of left out a little earlier because it was so hard to try and get one of those umbrella in sand things and the sun was unbearable. I think I believed it was worse than it actually was though cause as I mentioned before, my body was crashing.

I legit started to feel like I was having an outer body experience, my stomach was cutting and I felt disorientated. Don't drink in the heat kids. I'm sure the beach side Mojito is what tipped me over the edge (all my friends are dead).

Long story short, Rayven was holding my things on a road corner and I was throwing up into a drain. (Hope my parents aren't reading this). I'm sure the omlette I ate that morning DID NOT HELP.

After a longgg time on the toilet and a nap we were all ready for round 2. We met up with my fam Gems and Ells and went to a club that the locals described as 'The ghetto' lol.

A velvet dress, in Spain? What a fool.

Girls Trip To Barcelona Fashion

Girls Trip To Barcelona Style

Girls Trip To Barcelona Style

Girls Trip To Barcelona

Girls Trip To Barcelona Style
Girls Trip To Barcelona

Girls Trip To Barcelona Beauty

Day 3

Candies Birthday! We all woke up, stole the ingredients from her room and made her a surprise breakfast and a makeshift birthday cake. By we I mean everyone but me and Cam because we woke up drunk again, yay. Anyway I think we made her day. The sober plan was to go and do road, explore the architecture and get some pretty Spanish blog pictures but you know I think we chose alcohol over that the night before so instead we napped so we could get ready for round 3!

Hard Rock Cafe - My burger wasn't great but this is one of my favourite restaurants and everyone else loved their meal. Our waitress was lovely too!

W Hotel rooftop party - We did't stay long. Mainly because our heels kept getting caught in the floor board gaps. But the view was amazing and everything was beautiful there. I would definitely go back. We ran to the beach afterwards and caught that sunset magic hour for some Instagram pics.

Back to the hotel - Where we got to know each other on a deeper level with the good old fashioned NEVER HAVE I EVER. This is that ice breaker game at any house party or pre-drinks. This is where all the tea is spilt - be careful ladies lol.

Catwalk Nightclub - Most of the staff were rude and the club was very erm... Spanish. We had fun regardless taking shots and listening to Spanish trap music. It kind of took a turn for the worst when Candice was forcefully removed from the club and we lost Latoya. MEMORIES.

and we were out.