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I really love names. Is that weird? When I see a new baby I'm like '👀 but what's the name?' So I thought this post was a good idea cause I don't share my opinion too much on here. See my thoughts on Celebrity kids names and the reasons behind some of them.

1. BLUE IVY CARTER (Beyonce & Jay Z)

I like the name Blu. It's sweet, modern and isn't too out of the norm. Ivy refers to IV which is 4, which is their special number so that's sweet. I like it.

2. RUMI & SIR (Beyonce & Jay Z)

As of yet they haven't actuallly confirmed which twin is the girl and which is the boy. Plot twist - Sir is the girl. However I'm going with Rumi for a girl and Sir for a boy on this post. I like Rumi, I think it's sweet, it is rumoured to be after poet Jamal ad-Din Muhammed Rumi. Sir Carter I'm not a fan of but I get it. I mean with all of the 'Saints, Megaas, Kings and Futures' out there where do you really go from there? I feel like if not Sir then what else.

2. NORTH WEST (Kim & Kanye)

When I first heard North, my first thoughts were 'Why Kim? A point, North, West, South, East?' I was so confused and hoped it was a media rumour. Spoiler, it wasn't. It has grown on me however I think that's just North's undeniably cute face. Not a fan of the name though.

3. SAINT WEST (Kim & Kanye)

I liked Saint from the jump. I mean yeah it's so fitting for the son of Kanye West. Saint West, Yeah I'm a fan.

5. HARPER SEVEN (Victoria & David)

I like Harper. I think it was too normal for them so they threw Seven in there. Seven refers to Harpers birthday month (July) and for David's football number at Man U so there's a meaning behind it too.

6. APPLE (Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin)

What a fruity name. I do not get the thought process behind Apple, never actually really liked Apples either. It just makes me think of a bright green Apple. It's not sweet for a baby girl and definitely is not mature for a woman. Poor Apple.

7. CY AND BOWIE (Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego)

Love. Nothing else to say on the matter? Edgy, cool and there baby brother is called Zen, umm love.

8. DREAM KARDASHIAN (Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian)

Not a fan of Dream but also didn't really expect anything less from Chyna & Rob. I mean, King, North, Saint and all of the other Princessy names are taken I guess. She is lovely though.

9. REIGN DISICK (Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick)

I really like Reign. I don't know why actually, it's just a name I like and I love 1 syllable names.

10. LUNA STEVENS (Chrissy Teigen & John Legend)

I meannn you have to be adorable to be called Luna and she is just that. I think the name suits her sweet little face, I like the name.

11. PILOT INSPEKTOR (Jason Lee & Beth Riesgraf)

Not even sure what is going on here. I mean, you may as well just spell it correctly. The damage has already been done my friends. Sorry Pilot.

12. OCEAN & TRUE WHITAKER (Forest Whitaker)

I don't think I like Ocean for a boy or maybe I'm stuck in 2000 who knows. Nah I definitely don't but I love True *notes down on list of baby girl names*.

13. BEAR PAYNE (Cherly Tweedy & Liam)

Yeah, I'm still hoping this one was a prank. I genuinely do not think Cheryl and Liam thought this one through. Bear is an ok name, I don't love it but It's not terrible, I guess , it's not Pilot Inspector. But 'Bear Payne' aka bare pain meaning 'in a lot of a pain' Why Cheryl, Why?

14. PRINCESS TIAAMII (Katie Price & Peter Andre)

Don't understand the need for Princess then a name cause she isn't an actual Princess, like that isn't her title. Not keen on Tiaamii or the spelling either.

15. SUNDAY ROSE (Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban)

I like Sundays so this name is a little bit cute to me. Also Rose goes well with basically every name in the world, I think Sunday Ethel wouldn't have had the same effect. Not bad.


Lilly Rose

Mila Rose

India Rose

Tamara Rose

see every one.

16. SPARROW & HARLOW (Nicole Richie & Joel Madden)

Not too keen on Sparrow but Harlow is really cute. I do think Sparrow goes really well with Harlow though so I kind of like it. What sibling names go better than Sparrow & Harlow?

17. FUTURE & SIENNA (Ciara & Future/Ciara & Russell)

Future, hmm not really my thing. I mean it's kind of a little too space, aliens and technology for me. I know his Dad's stage name and all of that but the yeah it should have been kept to a stage name. Sienna is a sweet traditional name but I did expect them to do something a little more 'celeb' to match up to Future.

18. MEGAA & A'MEI (Apryl & Omarion)

The only name that annoys me more than Mega is Mega spelt with two a's. That's all, bye.

A'mei is alright but I don't like the two names together.

They are the cutest kids though so that's a plus.

19. ALAIA-MAI AND VALENTINA (Rochelle & Marvin Humes)

Alaia is a gorgeous name but I'm not a fan of Valentina. Even if I I did like it, I really do not think the names suit each other well and it really bugs me.


I mean, she's cute. It's not awful but I'm not a fan. It's on the same wave as Princess & Coco Chanel for me.

21. ZYLA MOON (Claudia Jourdan & Wale)

Can I name my daughter this? I'm not opposed to an unusual middle name, I love it.

22. JOURNEY RIVER (Megan Fox & Brian Lee)

I think Journey is a cute name. It makes me think of travel and wanderlust. I hope Journey's life is full adventure.

23. GRAVITY (Lucky Blue Smith & Stormi Lee)

I don't like Gravity but it's unique. The force that pulls everything together, I get it, the meaning but the name is just meh.

24. DENIM & DIEZEL BRAXTON-LEWIS (Tony Braxton & Keri Lewis)

This name is SO 2000 to me. It reminds me of bling belts, juicy tracksuits & Paris Hilton. Issa no from me.

What are your favourite and least favourite names on the list?


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