Hey Humans,

Spoiler: This is going to be a very pink post.

So I have the best friends in the world. Jess and Rianna surprised me and took me to Franks Cafe in Peckham for my blog's 1st birthday. Yes, I have the kind of friends who will come and pick me up and surprise me cause I work hard on this thing. As you know I want to focus on more things to do in London on, so yes I squeezed a blog post out of it.

Jess and I had been wanting to admire that pink wall for a few months but hadn't got round to it, yay we made it. Because I am that annoying person who thinks of every single scenario ever, I'm a bit (a lot) of an annoying person to surprise.

After rummaging through my draws for half an hour, I grabbed this vintage white top out of my closet and turned it into a super cute flowy dress, she has so many hidden gems in that place.

"No, Shay it's a top"

"No Mum, it is art."

I picked something cute, cause I like to look cute and something white as I knew there was a very small chance that I would need an outfit that went well with the pink walls of Franks Cafe, intuition on point as always.

Rose Gold sandals from Primark btw.

So here's my verdict on Franks Cafe

VIBE? Super chill. We got there half an hour after it opened to make sure we could get a table. It slowly got busier, the vibe was good and the weather was quite nice.

FOOD? The menu was very interesting ft. Octopus. I stuck to a more traditional snack of hummus and bread for £5.25 which you can't really go wrong with, it was very yummy and to my surprise the scotch bonnet oil was not very scotch bonnety so no complaints #HateSpice.

DRINKS? Pimms and Prosecco, the best summer evening drinks. A jug of Pimms was £20 and £4.50 for a glass of Prosseco. Not too bad at all.

RETURN VISIT? Yes, sometime in the near future please. Just planning my outfit now.

Rooftop anything is my favourite place to be. The vibe was good and I'll definitely be returning before the summer is up. Would've been amazing to have some music playing though, maybe give it a think Frank?

Check out their website here FRANKS CAFE


With Love,

Shay RS x

I am looking for more cool places to visit and blog about. Help me out by dropping some names below and I'll give them a look, thanks guys.

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