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Hey Humans,

July, you have finally graced us with your presence. The month of endless blue skies, amazing weather and cool summer events. Ok one of the things in that list is true for our reliably unreliable British weather. The roof top gardens are packed, cool pop up beaches and outdoor cinemas appear out of nowhere, where have you guys been hiding all year round? I get to capture my glowing my subjects in that all natural light, leaving my flash out of work for most of the day.

Anyone who knows me will know that I literally beam with excitement when I look back at a good picture I've just captured. I'm really not one to big myself up but when I capture a candid intimate moment at an event or the joy in someones eyes at their baby shower I just want to scream. So summer is back and Shay RS Photography is better than ever, I am seeking more cool events to photograph for you, I have undertaken but am not limited to Baby Showers, Baby Brunches, Dance Shows, Christenings, Birthdays and Film Sets.

Take a look at some of my event work below and here is a link to my photography portfolio HI CLICK ME.

Charlene and Andy's Birthdays, Burgers and Baby Party


Kristal's Baby Shower

Cousin in Jamaica

Variety in the ring - Charity Showcase

Twiin Dance Company

JS Dance Factory

1st Birthday Party

New born

Brixton Soup Kitchen


18th Birthday

SP's All White

Nye's Baby Shower


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