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Who knew following my cousins 3 years ago to a fun, free BBQ down the road would turn into the BBQ OF THE YEAR, no exaggeration. After two stages, portaloos, a VIP section, multiple food stalls, coach services and 3,000 guests, are we still calling it a BBQ? Let's face it, it's a festival. If you guys are reading this #MATTFEST is a catchy and more suiting name for the most talked about BBQ in South London.

We hired a minibus to take us from South East to Tonbridge, did I mention it keeps getting bigger and further out and we keep paying and travelling, the Matts BBQ team must be doing something right. So yeah, I got on the minibus with my fam and friends at around 1:30pm and drove off to the BBQ (fest).

On arrival we didn't queue for long as we were quite early, it was the perfect time to pick a spot on the grass, check out the venue which had a gorgeous lake, endless greens and a 2nd tent which created the perfect vibe further into the evening. I wanted to do a Matts BBQ in Fashion blog post so I knew I needed to do it prior to the drunkness because at that point my camera would not be leaving my bag, it's my baby. I stalked, followed and awkwardly approached some people in cool outfits and they were all lovely and chill, check out that blog post below.

So yeah, it was a bloody good time, as it always is and I'll be bringing my camera with me next year to take some more cool pics, maybe they'll even hire me. I thought I would make a little insightful list for all of those who saw the vibes on snap and felt left out. See you next year lovessssss.


Check the Matts BBQ social media before the event for updates.

Plan your ride there and back properly.

The road will be blocked at finishing time so leave a little early if you want to avoid that.

Check alcohol allowance, they had a 70cl per person policy this year but didn't seem too strict.

Don't fall off (have a team who will protect you from Snapchat if you fall off)

Bring cash, all of the food stalls only take cash.

They do sell drinks there so if need be you can buy there.

Try to buy tickets as soon as they come out cause the price will increase and you'll complain while entering your card details cause you don't wanna miss out.

Snapchat to make people jealous and enjoy ya self!


(Face art: CocoBexy_xx)

Details on my hair and outfit to follow on a style post soon.


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