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3 weeks in and I am already stuck on what name to pick from my hat of inspirational women. 12 years after her first win, Remy broke Nicki Minaj's 7 year reign of the BET WINNER for Best Female Hip Hop Artist so this one couldnt have come at a sweeter time.


I love this woman for so many reasons but it is her strength and growth that has me here at 22:53pm writing what I can already feel is going to be a lengthy post. Before serving 6 years in prison Remy was a rapper, unpolished, unbothered and unforgettable. She had hit tracks like Whatever and Conceited and featured on the anthems Lean Back and Ante Up. The only way was up for the Bronx born beauty until she got into an altercation which led her to serve 6 years in prison, Ma labelled the incident 'an accident'.

Since her return to our TV screens and music apps Remy has been focusing on nothing but music. Aside from promoting her more recent songs which are a regular on my playlist such as Spaghetti, Money Showers and All the way up from her album Plata O Plomo with her 'brother' Fat Joe, Remy has stolen my heart for many other reasons.

Between watching Remy's radio interviews and patiently waiting for her scenes on Love & Hip Hop New York, her true character shines through despite the headlines surrounding her name, you get to see the type of woman she really is. Missing out on crucial years of her sons life and the early years of her marriage Remy is 100% family orientated. All while hustling hard to get her spot back as one of the best rappers, not female, just rappers. She oozes nothing but confidence, knowledge and honesty. It is her black and white personality that captivates me and motivates me to put 150% into all of my endeavours.

Remy has titled herself the best female rapper of all time and notes that is what she is supposed to say.

"I am supposed to say I am the best." She notes that anyone in the industry is supposed to believe and say that they are the best, that is how the game works, it isn't a diss to other female rappers.

This beaut knows how to keep it classy and keep it 100, what more could you want in a woman? Which brings me on to her sweet relationship with her husband rapper Papoose. Now Rem and Pap (cause we're cool like that) were together before Remy's case. They wed in prison but had plans to marry before she did her time. Papoose waited 6 years for his wife to come out of prison and was right there when she got out - cue the oos and aws, I'm certain the conjugal visits helped though. "He held me down, ya man won't even hold your hand." Remy. Remy Ma has proven that she is a serious woman who is not to be messed with, you guys heard Shether right? but she has also proved that she is a loving person, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and I love that.

Watch this super cute video of Remy and Papoose

Remy at the 2017 BET Awards.

That time Remy wore funeral attire to the Wendy Williams show.

Never forget. "Hold on, I'm about to drag someone." "I rap, and smack chicks"

King ad Queen at their beautiful wedding. #BlackLove

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