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Dear Humans,

"for when the right one comes along a sister will never have to choose between him or her sisters."

First word, Sisterhood. The bond, the laughs, the energy, the differences, the unasked for advice and the love. The magical connection between a girl and her sisters. I'm not talking about same mum, same dad, fight over the shower kind of sisters, I'm talking about those chosen females who we choose to go through life with. The ones that stuck around when you matured, when your ambitions changed, when you blossomed into the woman you have always meant to be.

Friendship is an extra special relationship because unlike family these are our chosen life partners. If you are like me, you suss out the good and bad energy from the get go and can tell the kind of people you want as your friend from the first time meeting them. Some months or years in, you've gone through some things and life tests have reassured you that this person is your person and you want them on your team. Having sisters to experience everyday life changes with makes it that much easier to experience. Nobody wants to go through sh*t alone. It takes the awkwardness out of periods, sex education, boys, being 'single at 30' etc.

Sometimes we take our sisters for granted, we are consumed by the stress of jobs, families, general life and our male counterparts.

But how many men has your sisters stayed around for?

How many times have they given you a shoulder to lean on when he broke your heart?

how many times have they wiped your tears?

How many times have they held back your hair while you were over the toilet?

How many times have they supported you through that pregnancy scare?

How many times have they went to that dead motive because the 'guy' will be there?

How many times have you guys put your female masterminds together for the perfect text?

How many times did they let you rewind that damn song because it's 'your song'?

How many times did they like your selfie when no one else did?

How many times did they convince everything was going to be ok, even thought it probably wasn't?

How many times have they had your back?

How many times did you tell her you love her this month?

Sometimes we forget, sometimes we forget just how special our sisters are to us. After all, they do not physically satisfy us in the way a man can (if you aren't into men, change that to 'lover', but you get my drift right? stay with me). The men I am referring to are the ones we lust, the fast life and fast cars kind of guys. The ones we mistakenly put before our sisters at times, I am not referring to the 'Mr.Right' for when the right one comes along a sister will never have to choose between him or her sisters.



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With Love,

Shay RS x

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