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Hey handsome,

Happy birthday. It’s 2017 No idea how but apparently we’re still chilling, laughing at family guy jokes and arguing about who gets to sleep on the outside of the bed.


Thanks for buying me that handbag and for buying me The Notebook on DVD, this is when we first started hanging out. After I told you I am not talking to you anymore because you’re going to go to Uni and have girls cooking for you. I realised you were cool when I stayed on the phone to you while you played Zombies with the mandem.


Thank you for taking me to Paris and making promises to me with that pretty promise ring. I told you it was the first time anyone ever pulled through with what they said they would do. Our first year of Uni, a lot of fun and a lot of late nights.


Uni sometime. Italy was very romantic and we just took turns cooking for each-other. Our place was freezing to death so we cuddled and even though I went to bed in the ugliest PJS and ten thousand layers, you were still next to me.


We finished Uni so that was great. We sat on the stairs outside of the Uni library eating Chinese. You bought me back the watch that I accidentally threw in the rubbish and I made you get used to my little Oscar even though you don’t like dogs.


It’s your birthday again and I’m writing this blog post. You push me to keep going with this blog and I hope I encourage you to chase your dreams. I think this year we realised the years are really going by and we prefer to explore life together than apart, trust me we tried it.

Long story short, you’re my person and I love you.

With Love,

Dolly x


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