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Dear Humans,

I'm keeping it short and snappy today. I adore style and putting together cool outfits that I feel express my personality. I love your *item of clothing* is by far the best compliment I could ever receive, right after 'You smell good' and followed by 'I love your eyebrows'. I wanted to show you some of my biggest street style inspos in a short and sweet image focused post. Enjoy.

Zoe Kravitz

Always super comfortable, Zoe is that really cool girl who doesn't know she is cool but is absolutely the definition of. She is often wearing vintage denim pieces and super casual yet well put together pieces. My Woman Crush of life, effortlessly edgy.


She makes me want to try more colourful looks, they always look amazing on her and you can always count on Solange for a bold outfit. I love her edgy and playful looks that match her cool persona.

Mary-Kate and Ashley

MK and Ashley have a bohemian chic aesthetic that they stick to closely whether they are on the red carpet or heading to the office. I feel like this one is a bit of an unpopular opinion in my world but I will always love them and always look to them for free flowing vintage looks. Say yes to not feeling pressured to always wear heels.


MVP. I wouldn't say I have the same style as Rihanna but everytime she walks out she looks 10/10. She can rock almost anything and can combine so may different styles, layers, and textures without looking like she is doing too much, She is Rihanna after all, Queen of the MET. It isn't always about what she wears it is solely the confidence she oozes while wearing them. Babe.

Let me know if you want to see more style or inso posts like this in the future my loves. Have an amazing day, love.

Shay RS x

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