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Dear Humans,

How are you today?

I am in good spirits but my body is aching a little and I could do with a nice lunch, I'm a little hungry. Today’s blog post is an adaptation of an article I wrote for my book titled ‘What’s so mental about mental health?’ You tell me. The answer is obviously nothing and here I am attempting to drop that clingy stigma. Let’s break it down shall we? The word mental simply relates to the ‘mind’ and health simply describes a person’s physical or mental condition. Many of us are dealing with the same mental issues everyday, wouldn't it make more sense for us to create open discussions and conversations? There can be a wide range of reasons for mental health problems and it is so easy for us to fall into one of those categories, I think trying to find the route can be so beneficial for helping the problem.

Some of these reasons include:


Social disadvantage

Genetic factors

Childhood abuse or trauma

Substance abuse

Physical health problems and many more

As I moved away to University anxiety also packed it’s bags and followed me more aggressively than before. Perhaps it was the change of environment, whatever it was it would not leave me alone. I hated being in crowds, one on one conversations with people I didn't know, loud noises and any potential uncomfortable situations. For this reason I avoided the Underground, Concerts, Festivals, the dance floor at times and much more. Anxiety stopped me from doing things that I really wanted to do. Feeling anxious led me to feel to stressed and feeling stressed led me to feel more anxious.

Stress can be unavoidable and difficult to shift at times. It is one of the most common factors between us all, we are all stressed about something at some point. As we deal with demanding lifestyles and the pressures that come with it things can feel like they are getting on top of us. Therefore you do not need to be less advantaged, or on the fringe of society to experience mental health but if you are that is ok too. So when it comes down to it, mental health isn’t so ‘mental’ after all, it is pretty normal. Dear Humans With Love aims to help us acknowledge how similar we all are and that it is ok, not to be ok.

I personally dislike hearing comment on other people’s mental state, as quite obviously




I'll go into this more personally one day but as I feel less anxious in recent months, I am now able to feel comfortable on the underground, not feel like I'm going to pass out when I am at a height, party in loud crowds ect. I am still battling with myself mentally and have days when I feel SO down and depressed I just do not want to be awake. I now know that being honest with myself about how I feel, talking to my closest loved ones and trying to live a positive lifestyle makes a really big difference.



Talking about personal issues can help to get to the route of the problem. Understanding them will make it easier to make positive changes. If you are not ready to talk to someone self-therapeutic methods include practising mindfulness and regular relaxation. Equally you can always send me a confidential email @, let's help each other.


Meditation allows an individual to gain inner peace and time to focus on one’s inner being. It has proven to have a positive effect on mental illness. Different types of helpful meditation include body scan meditation, mindfulness meditation and guided meditation. If you want to talk to me about how and why I meditate please drop me an email or comment below.


Hobbies are the perfect way to pass time and put your energy into something you enjoy. Whether you have a life-long hobby or a new interest - get out of the house, meet new people and try to remain positive. Taking your mind away from the problem can help to release you from it.

Art Class - Dance Class - Gym - Netball - Cooking Club - Yoga - Book Club - Blogging ;) - Learning a language

Be healthy

Living a healthier physical lifestyle will generate a healthier mind. Bad food and living habits can have an effect on our personalities. In order to completely dedicate yourself to having a stronger mental state you need physical strength to accompany it.

'You are a budding flower, growing every single day. Like many flowers around you at times you can be a little droopy, water yourself, fill your soul and reach your fullest potential.' - Shay RS

Hopefully seeing people open up to their honest truth and feelings will show you that you aren’t the only one who may feel unhappy or confused with how you are feeling. Mental illness is a natural and common illness; do not always associate it with the stereotypes often seen in TV shows, which can portray negative scenarios. Taking time and energy to work on you and be honest with yourself will set you on the right path to feeling and getting better. Truth is the only safe ground to stand on.

If you can relate to this post and would like to see more like this PLEASE SHARE & LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. I like to know if anyone at all benefits from my posts.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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