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Dear My Amazing Humans,

I am whole heartedly writing this post with a full and warm soul. So many people have told me how proud they are of me for pulling off my first event and I am not ashamed to say I AM PROUD OF ME. Not only did I exceed my target for ticket sales but I know that the ladies left Soul Full, So Full feeling motivated, ready to run at this world, ready to take on future opportunities and ready to take that leap. It was an early start so I want to say a huge thank you for everyone for getting out of bed early in the very poor British weather, I hope it was worth it.


Soul Full, So Full started with ITV’s Charlene White discussing growing up in South London, how she started her career and the importance of ensuring she had every type of experience needed to be the best in her field as a black woman. We held a Q&A for our audience to ask Charlene some questions. One lady asked Charlene how she kept on going, as she had been turned away a number of times due to her dark skin complexion. You have to watch the video for Charlene's kick ass response. Next was the S C R E A M challenge, my favourite of the morning. my host Carina White and I wanted the ladies to shout out all of their struggles and physically release them from their mouths by simply screaming. This was so amazing to watch and take part in. I loved seeing the laughs and smiles afterwards, did you feel lighter after this ladies?


Next our second speaker Nina Rose spoke about starting her own businesses and the importance of networking. Something I am admittedly terrible at, she spoke about amazing opportunities she has had because of networking and this is honestly one of my goals for 2017. Our next exercise was the Struggle Pot Vs. Positivity Pot, I created two pots one full of realistic positive quotes for the ladies to take home and another full of empty slips of paper. The ladies were provided with pens and asked to write down a struggle on a blank piece of paper, I then brought the struggles to the front and picked a few out of the pot for us to discuss.



These were 2 of the struggles I picked out, I loved this exercise because we were helping people overcome their struggles in real time, the women gave amazing feedback and I know there were a few ladies who went home feeling a little better about their struggle. We all struggle, so why face them alone?

Then our final speaker Monique from Unique Benefit spoke about general motivation, loving yourself first, distractions and relationships. I loved this as she got the ladies up on to there feet and truly left them thinking. I even had a few ladies ask me afterwards 'How old is that girl? She was amazing.' You should be very proud of yourself Mon.

Waiting to walk into my cousins footsteps like.

Nina Rose @ceo_ninax

Soul Full in pictures


If you attended this event please comment below what you thought of the morning/afternoon to give others an insight into what they can expect from the next event and if I haven't said it enough times. THANK YOU! Alternatively if you couldn't make it, please comment below what you thought of this post. Love you all.

With much love,

Shay RS x

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