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Dear Humans,

I love love because I love the feeling you get when you experience a deep connection with another human being. It’s not like you need this human being to be complete, you are complete as you are of course. But why can’t two complete humans beings come together and create love. Two complete souls can love and feel a level of connection that no others will understand.

They won't understand that you get why he needs space when he's angry. They won't understand that silly joke that makes you both laugh like children. They won't understand why that one word makes you weak at the knees, the won't understand your bond.

I love love because it is uplifting to be reminded that you are enough even when you are doubting yourself. To have someone look at you like you are the only person on the planet is a feeling that cannot be replicated. It makes you feel warm inside and want to spend your days making everyone else feel even a little bit of happiness like this.

I love choosing to take on the world with another person. To choose to experience holidays, travelling, living together and making countless memories. I love having a soft palm to hold on to whenever I feel like I am alone, because you, you are my person and I am yours.

I love being someone's person. There’s many people on this earth but me, I’m their person. They chose me to be their person and I choose them. The best part is that they continue to choose you every single day. I’m your go to.

If I had to choose one place to be and be in love I would choose a beautiful beach. Love makes you feel beautiful, feeling, seeing and experiencing beauty all at once, that sounds like beautiful perfection to me.

I love that no two loves are the same. I can be in love and there is no other love that exists quite like this one. There are no two people who can experience this amazing and fearless bond. There can only be one of THIS love and it cannot be stolen. This love is ours.

I love the flaws of love. I love that you have your baggage and I have mine. But let’s combine our baggage, let’s buy a house and unpack. Let’s get to the root, let me heal where you are broken, let me see where you've been hurt, let me build your trust like building blocks.

I love being vulnerable and knowing that it is ok because I am loved. Love does not judge, love does not bring you down, love does not play on your emotions. I am allowed to well, just be me. I can be as ‘me’ and as real as I desire. My love will be right by side waiting for me to share and waiting to understand.

I love being touched by love. Like this body is mine and yours is yours but I am willing to share it with you my love. I am willing to allow you to explore and understand each and every detail of my body with love.

I love the trust in love. I am giving you all I have, myself is all I have to offer. I have to trust you, I have to trust that you will protect my trust. I have to believe that you will guard it with your life. I also have to keep hold of your trust like it is the last breath on earth.

I love the commitment of love. I cannot foresee the future, I cannot predict tomorrow but I will and I choose to commit to you today. I am choosing to publicly hold you and I want to hold you for the rest of my days.

I love the other love. The one that makes you hold on a little too long, the one that makes you forgive when you shouldn’t, the one that reduces you to slow tears and the one that where you put someone else’s happiness before your own. Because I am a human, a human in love.

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With Love,

Shay RS x

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