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Dear Humans,

The below is self-explanatory.

  1. Family, nothing beats the feeling of love and joy you get when surrounded by loved ones.

  2. Photography. Everything I see is a picture, I love capturing the beauty in nature and people. Photography is the way in which I express myself and show the world through my eyes.

  3. Mint tea. My go to hot drink, no sugar, not too hot. perfection.

  4. Nature, in all forms. Watching plants grow, leaves fall, waves crash and birds chirp.

  5. Beautiful Instagram feeds @emelinaah

  6. Being spiritually connected with my boyfriend.

  7. Spending time with my friends.

  8. Spending time alone.

  9. Quiet. I treasure the sound of nothing.

  10. Music, all genres.

  11. Helping. I adore the feeling of helping and being a positive influence in people’s lives.

  12. Open-minded people. I personally think I am quiet open-minded and I love conversing with other open-minded people or just knowing that there are others out there understanding different ways of thinking.

  13. My laptop. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without it.

  14. Standing or sitting in front of the sea with the sand beneath my feet.

  15. Writing.

  16. Blogging.

  17. Reading Oyster magazine.

  18. Holding and flicking through Kinfolk magazine. Tell me the pages don't just feel amazing?

  19. Waking up early and not feeling tired.

  20. Getting paid.

  21. Making people laugh.

  22. Making people see things in a different way and adjusting their thoughts.

  23. Freshly painted nails.

  24. New clothes.

  25. The smell of the dry cleaners.

  26. Having stupid and ridiculous jokes with my cousins that make 0 sense to the outside world. Hey Shanaes.

  27. Attending weddings. My favourite event of all time.

  28. Feeling other peoples happiness and joy so deeply, I cry.

  29. Seeing my friends and family genuinely happy.

  30. Feeling understood.

  31. Remembering depression and anxiety are temporary.

  32. The feeling of ease after meditation.

  33. Avocado and amazing seafood dishes.

  34. Lisa Bonet’s voice.

  35. The art of Social Media.

  36. My family dog, Oscar / Oscy-Poo.

  37. Thinking about life in a way I haven't before.

  38. Feeling other people's positive energy.

  39. Being in my bedroom with nothing to do other than just be.

  40. The feeling of a good biro pen on paper.

  41. Making lists.

  42. Watching the sunset.

  43. Getting good feedback on what I am doing.

  44. Waking up after a night out without a hangover.

  45. Christmas.

  46. Holidays.

  47. When clothes from online shopping fit perfectly or well enough that you don’t have to return them.

  48. Laying in bed with my boyfriend doing nothing.

  49. Watching YouTube videos/Netflix or good movies.

  50. Planned day-dreaming. Thinking about my future life and everything I have to do to get where I want to be.

With Love From Jamaica,

Shay RS x


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