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Dear Humans,

2016 is officially the end of my academic journey. Despite being overjoyed that I have no longer have assignments, group work or ‘extra curricular activities’ there are definitely a lot of things I am going to miss about school. These are my favourite school memories (specifically relating to my secondary school years at Sydenham Girls). This is going to be a funny one…

1. Spending lessons covering books with the names of your ‘close friends’ by this I mean basically the whole year group and any other ‘friends’ you may have met on Piczo, Bebo or MSN. Does anyone know why we started friendships this way? I am guilty of this I met two of my friends on MSN and we are still friends today.

2. Going to a teen rave called AMADEUS. Hilarious, this one needs it’s own bullet points.

- I was part of the people who were actually allowed to go and the others would say they were staying at my house. On one particular occasion (my birthday) one of my friends parents found out we weren’t having a ‘girls night in’ at mine and they were at my house upon our arrival ready to carry her home.

- The only drinks you could buy were coke, water or lemonade.

- We traveled about an hour and a half out just for this cute 7-11pm shubz (is that word still a thing?)

- Was it even that good? We went to a lot of trouble.

3. Fights were arranged, sometimes by word of mouth, sometimes by text. Do you know how funny that is? Instead of just seeing someone and fighting, Dates, times and locations were organised. Why anyone would want to meet up to get beaten up is beyond me.

4. It being really hot, people having water fights and then people getting a detention for having water fights. Cough Cough, Rianna’s first day. Can you imagine I was trying to show her the ropes and go for lunch and the girl left us to go outside and play with water. I was inside being a child of God of course.

5. 85% of the year group studying Health & Social Care.

6. Going straight home after school. Lol Jk, going in the complete opposite direction to chill at the local McDonalds and frontline. Seems beneficial.

7. Piczo. Complete with regular new sites, a ‘close wunz’ page and a chat box. Ugh the memories.

8. Then we upgraded to Bebo to share the love and rearrange our closest friends in our top 16 on the homepage.

9. Specifically for anyone in my Business class, Playing cooking games - Tam, Shay and Bianca lol.

10. MSN. bullet points are compulsory here

​- Screen names - Wifey (insert boyfriends tag here)

- Changing your personal message about 30 times a day depending on what close friends you were with e.g. (Jessica Inside) or what went down at school today.

- When someone would freeze your computer by nudging you 10 times in a row.

- Who remembers these? I had the ‘LOL'

- Appearing offline to avoid that one guy or annoying girl.

11. Saying I love you with all of my heart after being with someone for one day and probably breaking up 2 months later… if that.

12. Posing for pictures, looking down, looking up, looking upside down, cross eyed, anywhere but the camera lens and any pose but smiling. peace, middle finger and so on…

13. Wearing vest tops over our long sleeve Primark tops. I see this trend is back.

14. My most missed memory will have to be 5-DAY-PASS. £5 for 5 days of unlimited calls and texts until they bumped it up to £7.50 and you had to be really careful not to go over that £2.50 so you only needed to top up £5 the following week. The good life.

15. KEISHA THE SKET. What ever happened to her? You can delete your hoeness these days you know.

16. Starting year 7 with the biggest rucksack of all time and upgrading to a Just Do It bag, because if you didn’t have one you weren’t cool.

17. Bluetoothing new songs to the whole year group. Kids today will never know the struggle.

18. The excitement of creating an email address for the first time and going all out. Mine was xxdancing-chickxx. I want to laugh, please comment yours below and any other secondary school memories you have.

Secondary school was the funnest years of my life. I hope you all enjoyed this post, comment below anymore memories and maybe I will do a PART 2.

Don't kill me guys, positivity only lol. (Wish I had time to find some more blue shirt pictures)

With Love,

Shay RS x


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