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Who is SHAY RS?

Dear Humans,

I am sitting on my sofa trying to write my scheduled blog posts for next week, as I am typing I am literally asking myself 'does this sound like me?'. I am trying to come across as authentic as humanly possible on this thing. It should be simple I know, just ‘be yourself’ but when you are writing posts in hope that people will enjoy the content and visuals how can you be confident you are being yourself and not being influenced by what you think people want to see? On social media in general we tend to only show the good and while you are honestly sharing your life you are also honestly holding back on the details. The amazing details that make up exactly who you are as a person.

I’m writing this post so you will get a sense of who I am and why I am…

1. I am in my 20s, feeling a lot more comfortable in my own skin than I did in my teenage years yet eagerly awaiting to fully develop into the woman I am meant to be. I am so passionate about my growth as a woman and the changes I see myself go through monthly.

2. I have been writing my whole life, scripts, plays, songs, books you name it. I used to watch Annie over and over again so I could write out the lines in hopes of doing a play with my cousins over summer - lol the joys of childhood. This is my first time sharing my thoughts and I am loving it.

3. I want to blog because I want to communicate my ideas about the world. I want to learn about humans and have as much of a positive influence on people as I can. Dear Humans With Love will be more than a blog this is just the starting point. This is honestly my passion and by the grace of God will be my career.

4. I had bad anxiety about a year ago and since making a few lifestyle changes I feel a lot more calm and at ease. Anxiety does not just go away but I have a lot more control over my mind which results in control over my body and actions. Read my blog post about my University change here

5. I am always thinking about ways to be the best in whatever I do. I mean if you are going to be a writer you need to be the Beyonce of writers and if you are a photographer you need to be the Oprah of photographers. I hate feeling like I am doing what everyone else is doing, this is part of my Aquarius nature and always thinking ahead of my time. All of this work will pay off in five years from now.

6. I try to do too much at once and I hate this about myself but I cannot be helped. It would be such a great idea to be a blogger, put all of my energy into blogging, become successful and so on but my mind just won’t stop. I am trying to create two books, a blog, be a photographer, a social media manager,a writer, build my brand, a launch party and many other events/business’ that I can’t even type without blowing up my whole life plan.

7. 70% of my getting ready time is spent on choosing the right outfit. Ugh I take this too seriously, I hate having the same outfit on as anyone and feel like the chosen one when I hear ‘Your jacket's so cool Shay!’ ‘That’s a great outfit.’ and then I be like ‘Ah, this old thing. This is just something I threw together’ Lol, I hate me. Jk, self love post is here ;)

8. I wanted to stop on 7 but I don’t like any odd number other than 9 so here I am at 8 making you read this for no reason at all, the oddness continues. Perfect opportunity to let you all know that I am taking part in a sleep out event next month where I will be swapping my bed for the streets to raise money for homeless people. Please donate here, ANY amount is deeply appreciated - let's change the world together.

I would love to know what you guys would like me to blog about, please leave me a comment below and thank you!

With love,

Shay RS x


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