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Toxic relationships

Dear Humans,

We all want to live an honest and purposeful life surrounded by the people we love. It can be hard to identify who is impacting our journey for the better. Sadly sometimes we are aware but It can be hard to break ties. A toxic relationship is one that brings more negativity and sadness than it does positivity and joy. Toxic relationships aren't always romantic and don’t always start out this way. How do we identify these kind of relationships? Some signs are easy to spot while others may not be as clear, we don’t always see when a relationship is toxic.

As humans we can be very tenacious and cling on to anything with sentimental value. We like to fix things, solve problems and hope for the best. Why do we think we can change people or a situation? What power do we think we have? We believe that we ourselves can save someone who isn't good for us but unfortunately this is not true. Change is a very personal journey and unless a person wants to make do it on their own, it won’t happen. Let’s be real, we have all tried to save someone or hang on to an unhealthy situation. I know I have, it comes down to me being optimistic and always seeing the positive side to situations. This situation only ended up in more hurt and disappointment. Mentally it can be damaging to stay in unhealthy situations and although we know this we hang on. Their is no right time and right or wrong way to deal with difficult situations. WE ARE HUMAN, WE HAVE EMOTIONS. But there a few things I would like everyone to take away from this post

1. If you think you can relate to any of the bullet points in this post make sure you are open with your loved ones so they are aware the situation you are in. It may not be severe but one day it could be.

2. Don’t feel any less because you may be in a toxic relationship. I promise you nearly every other person reading this post can relate.

3. Truly think about how a toxic relationship can effect your mental health and your future. You cannot love yourself when you are constantly being put down.

4. Value yourself! You are a unique individual, made exactly how you were meant to be. I know a lot people think they will never find someone again. Just focus on mentally bettering yourself, don’t look for a partner, these things should come naturally.

5. You were born as 100% of a person, when you meet your soul mate you two will be 200%. You are not 50%, you are whole all on your own! You’ve got this.

If you are having more serious issues here are a few places that can help:

Alternatively you can email me through the link on my ABOUT ME page. I am no relationship guru but I am a good listener/reader, not judgemental and will be willing to give advice or help anyone the best way I can, please do not hesitate!

With Love,

Shay RS x


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