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Black British Fashion Blogger

My Humans,

I'm not sure if I should still call you that, we've kind of grown up now. You're still my people of course, but we're a little more mature, we're sitting at a table now and I hope you guys are as excited for this change as I am. For any of you who may be new to the party, I'm Shay, a 24 year old blogger from London writing about a bit of everything, feeling awkward about everything and appreciating every aspect of life.

Side note: Oh how I have missed typing and writing.

I gave birth to my baby, Dear Humans With Love on the 01.08.16 (don't worry huns I haven't done a Kylie Jenner on you). I wanted nothing more than to just write, express myself and talk about all of my awkwardness and then throw my laptop away and jump back into my real life. DHWL gave me that outlet.

We laughed about Why Women are Trash Too and How To Keep a Man, we got emotional about being Products of our Environments and The Evolution of Friendship and then I was showing off my Barcelona trip and meeting my bestie 'in my head' Maya Jama.

All of that content really felt like me and is what I enjoy writing about and will continue to do so on The truth is it's hard sticking to your own truths and interests when you feel like you have a whole internet to please. The main focus of this rebrand is to focus on what feels like me.

The truth is some blogging trends grind my gears and the views for my How to get Christmas Ready post reminded me that I don't think anyone actually cares about my opinion on How to get Christmas Ready. So from now on let's just stick to the good bits and get juicer and realer than we did before.

The biggest change to my brand will include me focusing on the visuals, videos and fashion posts. Writing is lovely and like a pre-therapy session but I can look at great visuals, all day long. I mean my dream is to marry a great photographer so he can take great candids of me all day long. I dont want to put out 'what I can anymore' I want to put out what suits my vibe, my mood and my style.

The Dear Humans With Love brand was inviting, friendly and motivating and of course I will always be all of those things but A Seat With Shay is candid, fearless and chill.


Fashion Fridays are still a go.

Return of the YouTube

More Fashion, More Events, More honesty.

More outside opinions.

Love, Shay.

Are you feeling the rebrand? Let me know in the comments section below :)



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