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I sent a little message around asking for some 'We aren't friends anymore because stories...'. It's been a while since I had guest stories on here and these ones did not disappoint. The funniest part for me is that the ex friends mentioned in this would definitely tell a different story. Such is life, there will always be 3 sides to any story, their side, your side and the truth, enjoy!

'because she was jealous of me and wanted to be me. I mean she booked the same holiday as me for the same amount of time without even mentioning it. Then decided to block me when I didn't reply to the 'Sorry I can't be at your birthday' message knowing we were both in the same city.'

'because her boyfriend cheats on her continuously. He's on Tinder/Plenty of Fish and has been on dates with non mutual friends of mine. She knows about it and as a result he discourages her from socialising with me. Guess it was a her or me situation and she chose him.'

'because she liked my boyfriend whilst we were together and attempted to get with him when we were over. To top if off my ex is the one that told me. He sent me the screenshots because I didn't believe him. One of the messages said 'what she doesn't know won't hurt her.'

'because you chose your boyfriend over any friendship even though he's trash.'

'because they couldn't handle the fact that I got into a relationship. We were all doing our own thing but the minute I stopped hanging out with one friend every single day and hung out with my boyfriend a bit she became really weird. If I vented to her a little after he annoyed me, she would always suggest that I needed space from him when it wasn't that deep.'

'because you have an obsession with trying to f*ck all of my friends to annoy me.'

'because she was always weird, like I mean we would do it all (not lesbians) (not homophobic either lol) I would travel to parties at the end of the District Line with this girl and that is far for me. However as soon as I matured and realised it was me always checking up on her we surprisingly stopped talking.'

'because at around 16 me and two pals went round to a friends house (male) and one of them (Pal 1) had to leave because her parents came to pick her up. Me and Pal 2 ended up being stranded as Pal 1 had accidentally taken my oyster card and money. Pal 2 persuaded me to stay at the guys house where I slept on the floor whilst she had sex throughout the night keeping me awake... when I asked the next day she denied it!'

'We're still somewhat cool but you are just a weird person who acts weird so I keep all of the necessary distance.'

'because we did naughty things together on a regular basis and all of the guys that my friend liked I ended up with.'

'my boyfriend at the time cheated on me... with my so called 'friend' so yeah I'd say that's one of the reasons.'

I feel like we need to a Part.2, email me your stories @, everything is always anon.

Love, Shay.

Lifestyle Blogger Fashion Shot

Lifestyle Blogger Fashion Shot




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