Dear Humans,

In an uber, Mayfair

I'm still at the very beginning of my blogging journey. Some of you have been reading me waffling on for over a year now and btw THANKS & I LOVE YOU. I've had great months and months where I've posted one blog post and the thought of even clicking on my own domain name has given me anxiety.

Recently and I mean I'm saying this cause blog numbers and feedback back do not lie, I have been on my job.

I am obsessed with blogging and despite the stress of it at times and the days where I have no motivation to pull out even one sentence I have plans to keep getting better.

Obviously social media is amazing for us bloggers because we can use it to share our content repeatedly and it is pretty much a free advertising platform. This post can pretty much relate to anyone with a blog or a business that they want to promote through social channels, here is how these networking help me grow my audience.

The rules of Twitter

Twitter, I'm starting with you because you are an absolute treat for bloggers. Twitter is so chill and unlike Instagram is quite relatively easy to grow a following on. I follow a lot of bloggers because I love seeing new posts on my feed for a good read and inspo, the great thing is other bloggers do too. A lot of bloggers are quick to follow back and engage on Twiter and it kind of feels like one big blogging family.

In terms of getting Twitter followers to actually check out my blog I share my content quite regularly throughout the day. To all of my friends who see me 'tweeting' and I haven't text you back I am not actually tweeting at that specific moment.

Tweet Deck is an amazing website by Twitter that allows you to schedule tweets for any day and anytime. If you aren't a morning person like me then scheduling some morning posts means you may get some new readers on there morning commute.

Joining Twitter chats and dropping links on 'Leave your blog posts/Insta feeds' posts mean that you are opening up your content to a world of people who may not have found your blog otherwise. I've followed a lot of blogs and bloglovin accounts through these and have also gained a good number in return. Blogger chats are also amazing for this.

For amazing PR opportunities I regularly check the 'PR request' search. If I see a great opportunity then I'll drop them a message with my blog and email, my blog link comes up with an image of myself but if yours doesn't it may be best to drop an image of your blog too to give them a reason to click. I've had some great opportunities recently through PR request so definitely give it a try. There is no embarrassment in replying to a post that says 'Looking for lifestyle bloggers' when you are a lifestyle blogger so give it a shot.

Bitly is a website that allows you to shorten a link and still have it direct users to the page perfectly. For example when posting my blog links


becomes this:

which makes it look neater online and gives you space to use more characters.

The rules of Instagram

I used to love love love Instagram, now I only use it to be nosey and to promote my blog but hey things change. Instagram algorithms has definently changed the way we see posts on Instagram, I'm not a fan. Instead of posts appearing on our feed in chronological order my feed now looks something like

'Celeb, The Shade Room, Celeb, Post from The Shade Room from 2 days, Same pic of Celeb, Actual person who just posted 2 mins ago, Celeb, Same pic of Celeb I liked 6 hours ago, Mate from Uni from 2 days ago...' and it is really annoying seeing the same thing over and over again so I really don't even bother scrolling at this point.

If I didn't have a blog I definitely wouldn't post as much as I do but the key to Instagram is consistency. If you do not post anything in 2 days you'll lose about 10 followers, if you post something everyday you'll probably lose about 5 so you know you have weigh out the pros and cons.

Ok so we all know Instagram themes are becoming increasingly popular and they can be SO hard when you don't care and just want to post what you want to post. This is me, I've always tried themes and I'm so indecisive that I probably used to have a new one every 3 months but again consistency is the plug here. If you are serious about using Instagram for business then first of all connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account and actually set up an 'Instagram for business account' this can be the Instagram you already have. You can now track engagement and insights for all of your posts.