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Hey Humans,

*Actual image of me watching the last episode of Stranger Things 2*

I've been meaning do to this post for a while, I don't know about you but when I get into a new series I split my time between watching episodes back to back and trying to convince all of my friends that they need to watch it too. There is no better time to binge watch a TV show than in the winter, put on your cosiest hoodie, grab a throw, get a cuppa and cuddle up on the sofa for hours on end with no regrets because it really is too cold to venture outside anyway, right?

*tries to feel less guilty*

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Disclaimer: Before reading this post, please note that your 'free time' will now become 'TV time' for the foreseeable future.

Stranger Things

This amazing series just had to be on the top of my list. The Netflix Original series is still all over my Twitter feed, with the second season recently ending everyone is going Stranger Things crazy. The series is an American science fiction-horror set in the 1980s. What kept me glued from the beginning is the era, it was intriguing to watch this towns main form of communication be actual conversations, something we hardly see anymore. Aside from that they can only really communicate through house phones while all of these paranormal events are taking place, making it a little difficult to know who is where and when. It's the strange occurrences that keep you hooked, with a leading child cast and the amazing Winona Ryder you just can't resist letting the episodes role.


Like Stranger Things, Insecure's second season wrapped not long ago. If you are awkward to any degree then you'll feel right at home watching Insecure. It follows the unapollegtically black, passive aggressive and always awkward Issa played by Issa Rae as she deals with relationship, friendship and work drama. Insecure's USP is how relatable it is, I think there is a little bit of Issa in all women. HBO's Insecure is played on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Orphan Black

When I first watched Orphan Black I was literally wrapped in duvet, in front of laptop for a good few days... and it was summer. Like Stranger Things, Orphan Black is a science fiction-thriller that engages you from the beginning with a suicide and a police investigation. The series looks at human cloning and the moral and ethical implications. Clones are played by the amazing Tatiana Masalany and each clone is completely different in costume, mannerisms and accent. Even though the series began back in 2013, this fast-paced show won't make you feel behind at all. All 5 seasons can be found on Netflix.


Before I was obsessed with Orphan Black there was Scandal. Kerry Washington stole my heart by playing crisis manager Olivia Pope, who on top of literally saving many citizens of the world and running a presidential campaign has a little secret that could change her world forever if it became public knowledge. This series started back in 2012 and after fake suicides, actual suicides, president assassinations, a lot of steamy shower scenes and war it is soon coming to an end and at the perfect time I believe. This show will keep you hooked in White house drama and as when one door closes, someone else always re-opens it with the next dilemma. Catch up with Scandal on Sky Living via Sky on Demand.

Big Little Lies

Very different from the action pact series above Big Little Lies is a light 7-part mini series drama. The series received 16 Emmy Award nominations, with 8 wins. I can't even begin to describe how well put together the whole series is. It follows three mothers of first graders while including regular flash backs to police interviews from the night he was killed. What we don't know is who 'he' is, why 'he' was killed and most importantly who did it? All 5 mothers played by Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern struggle to live there honest and difficult personal lives while trying to portray perfection to their friends and prying eyes. The mini series deals with rape, domestic violence, infidelity and a murder. It is aesthetically the most beautiful series I have ever watched and each episode is so light that you can easily roll into the next.

Ok so guys, please do start at least one of these this winter, each series is amazing in it's own way and well you can thank me later. If you have watched any of these, what did you think of them? Leave me a little comment below and don't forget to give an 'FB' like at the top of the page.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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