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There is a weird misconception that if you're a blogger you're organised, live out of your marble print diary and write things down with your matching marble pen. 1. I am a blogger 2. I'm much better at organising my route for a night out 3. I own nothing marble.

Which is a nice reminder that there are no 'rules' when it comes to blogging and you can absolutely make it what you want to but I speak from experience when I say that being organised does make your digital life a more hassle free.


I've been a little slow on the blog this month so I wanted to have a quick catch-up with you guys before we start talking organisation. I am back on YouTube after 2 years, I've openly mentioned finding it weird putting myself out there online and I struggled to record myself in the past due to lack of confidence, lack of ideas and lack of drive. But guys, I cannot block my creativity any longer. I have 2 new videos that you can watch here, including a 2 year catch up and a cute Primark Haul video please like, comment and subscribe as I am looking forward to posting weekly and growing my channel.


If you're blogging as a hobby it's much easier to blog as and when you want to without feeling guilty or as if you're 'slacking'. If you're blogging for business or both it becomes a bit more demanding and it takes the ease off when you have the tools and knowledge to plan your time efficiently.


As a blogger I have to make decisions early on that will shape my future content and brand. These decisions include, whether or not I will have a blogging schedule, how often I will post, If I will have guest bloggers, If I want to accept sponsored content, how much I will charge for this and more. I know all of the answers to these questions and it makes it easier to respond to business enquiries ASAP as well as helping me plan, shoot and execute my content for the month.

I currently do not have a blogging schedule but I still make a rough plan of what posts I want to come out within the next month, the days I want to shoot and the days I want to spend writing with a cup of mint tea.

Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger, All black OOTD


After deciding when I am posting I need to know 'what' I am posting. Brainstorming ideas when I am feeling creative has saved me on my 'creative-block' days. It could be at 9am after I brush my teeth or it could be at 9pm when I want to be in bed but can't drag myself away from my laptop either way I make sure they're documented. Drafting ideas in advance means that you have an idea of what to write for the next month or so. When I am feeling inspired I simply refer to my list of blog post ideas and when I am facing writers block my list pushes me in the right direction.


Every morning, I give thanks, scroll through Instagram for 5 minutes, shower and brush my teeth and then make a list of every thing I want to accomplish that day. The key is to be specific, be realistic and try to get through as many things on my list completed as possible.

My list will typically look like this...

Publish Blog Post


Schedule Tweets

Instagram Post

Record YouTube Video