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I don't know if it's because I'm a girl but I feel like when we like a guy, we like a guy. Guys you know when a girl is feeling you, don't you? Anyway I'll do a reverse on my 'He's just not that into you' post and lay down some gems for the guys.

1. A girl will ALWAYS make the time. I know I did this one for the guys too but girls love when a guy makes the effort and actually wants to hang out. If she 'can't make the time' or is 'really busy with work this month' chances are she isn't feeling you and no one knows how to say 'I'm not feeling you' in a nice way, let's be honest.

2. Body language is key. Girls are the queen of subtle hints so you need to pay closer attention to find out if she's feeling you or not. Check the eye contact, if she randomly touches or hugs you unless she's likes me and hates being touched or touching people lol. Does she cringe when you ask for that hug for the 5th time after hanging out together?

3. Girls are very invested when they care about something. Did she ask how your day went? Did she remember your mums birthday that you haven't mentioned in 3 weeks? If she doesn't remember the small details it's probably because she is busy remembering someone else's small details.

4. If she literally doesn't act interested then she probably actually isn't, let me explain more. Guys can be so oblivious at times, they'll be telling their friends 'Yeah, she's definitely feeling me.' meanwhile she has called you bro 33 times in 1 week and has given you no reason to think she is feeling other than being friendly. Don't get caught up in your feelings, trust the vibe she is giving you.

5. Does her friends know you exist? So I kind of did this one for the guys too, GIRLS LOVE TO GOSSIP AND GIRLS LOVE TO GOSSIP ABOUT GUYS. If there was a guy she had eye contact on this bus with for 0.01 seconds, trust me the girls in the group chat know all about him and someone has probably found his Insta in the first day. So if a girls girl's has no idea about who you are then it might because she doesn't think you're worth telling the girls about because she really isn't interested.

List finished. Ah thank you so much for reading my loves, if you enjoyed this post please give it a like at the top of the page and leave a comment below if you have a minute.

Fashion Blogger, Satin Shirt

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