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Last month I finally made it to the home of the pink flower wall that is Restaurant Ours.

264 Brompton Rd,




Restaurant Ours Flower Wall, Blog Post

Restaurant Ours Flower Wall, Blog Post

Dress: Missguidesd Shoes: TXMAXX Bag: Primark Hair: @stylesbycokes_x

I have a list of cute food places I want to try and Restaurant Ours is one I've been meaning to tick off for a while. Let's be real, it was mainly based on how amazing the food, cocktails and decor looked on Instagram. Do not undermine the power of Instagram, it will get me on the train or in that uber to Central London in one of my less comfortable pairs of heels for a good time.

When I am eating at a nice restaurant one thing that is must for me is a great vibe. You know when you're out eating good food, sipping on your cocktail, vibing with your dinner date and you just look up and feel all of that good energy in the atmosphere, that is what keeps spending those coins (or his). It's the whole dining experience that I really look forward to.

How to - Restaurant Ours

Our table was booked for 9:30pm on a Tuesday night and that was unknowingly one of the best decisions we had made. It meant we skipped the typical overly busy atmosphere and by the end of the night we basically had the place to ourselves.

Another bonus of dining so late on a school night meant we could take as many pictures that we wanted without feeling awkward. The waiter let me know that there is usually a queue for that flower wall, wild. A queue that I probably would've held up for a long time #NoShameInMyGame.

For food the waiter suggested we order 4 mini plates each to share and informed us that there is no need for starters as the dishes come out whenever they are ready and not all at once. Since our palettes couldn't be further away from each other we decided to get 3 plates each and ate our own, lol. I ordered Calamari, Truffle Fries and Truffle Spinach. Yes I double truffled and I have no regrets. Each plate was the perfect portion size and wasn't too much or too little. While all of my food was flavoursome and cooked well, do not sleep on that truffle spinach, you need it in your life.

I had a few cocktails and a prosecco, I do not remember the names but every single one was tasty so you will not be disappointed. Also the menus are easy to understand and the waiters have great menu knowledge.

Side Note: How annoying are those cocktail menus that be like 'El Quin or Deer, Prosecco Tuin, Ambar Glas and Fish Eye' Sorry, hi, no, what does that actually consist of please?

'Oh it's just rum, fresh lemonade and elderflower miss.', my face says 'Why doesn't it just say that then?' while I reply 'Yes, one of those please.'.

Overall, I had a positive experience at Ours. The food and cocktails were great, the staff were funny and informative and that laid-back restaurant vibe is exactly what I had hoped for. I love being able to give my feedback on here as I know it can be helpful when someone you trust puts a good word in. You should definitely add Ours to your places to visit in London.

Love, Shay.

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Restaurant Ours Fashion Blog

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