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Pretty Little Thing Fashion

Dress: PLT Shoes: Topshop Bag: Primark Hair: Stylesbycokes_x

And then another bottle of rum and then 2 more bottles of rum.

Fast forward to earlier that evening and we were all getting ready to celebrate my cousins birthday at Rum Kitchen, Nottinghill. Prosecco and Elderflower was our pre-drink of choice as we waited for our Uber. A stairway photoshoot was our activity of choice as you can see below.

Here's some pics we made earlier

Pretty Little Thing Fashion


Rum Kitchen Notting

After a little confusion with our table, we got cocktails and waited for our table to be ready. They were all obviously rum based and I ordered a punch that hit all of the right spots.

I think we all did that thing when you order hungry and regret it when you are sitting down with about 5 plates in front of you, I don't know what went wrong but way too much food arrived at the table. It was all yummy though, I was craving my leftovers the next day.

As a girl who isn't a fan of pepper, my only recommendation would be jugs of tap water next time pls huns.

During dinner bottles of Wray & Nephew, the Killmonger of all rums arrived at the table and then another bottle of rum and then 2 more bottles of rum until I couldn't even count on my hands let alone rum bottles anymore. After hours the restaurant turns into a bar and so we danced until we couldn't see and got in our Ubers back to the South side. Happy birthday Sis!

Love, Shay.



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