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Hey Humans,

I'm back with a different kind of post today. Some of you may or may not know that I have a cute little mate at home called Oscar, he is the energy of my house and spends his day balancing playing, cuddling, trying to steal the cats food and interrupting my at home yoga.

I was thrilled when the offered to send me a package for Oscar. They are an online pet supply store based in the UK and have an amazing wide range of products from Reptile products to Flea Control. My package included Dentalife Oral Care, Whitefish and Seabass Dog Cookies and Huntland Grain Free Natural Dog Food.

My photoshoot helper, sorting (sniffing) the shoot props.

Oscar first tried the Natural Dog Treats, Whitefish and Seabass cookies from Catch. The treats are healthy and very tasty according to Oscar. The strong smell works wonderfully for obedience training. He hadn't had anything like this before so he slowly licked before devouring the whole thing. These will have him on his best behaviour for sure.

Oscar immediately ran over to his bowl once it was filled with the Huntland Grain Free Dog Food. Scottish Loch Salmon with River Trout & Sweet Potato, sounds amazing right? Correct. Oscar has been emptying his bowl quicker than usual and I can see why. Who wouldn't love salmon and sweet potato? It is made with natural ingredients, 50% fish and 50% veg, fruit and botanicals. The food is also approved for adult dogs, all breeds.

I was very happy to find the Denalife sticks in the parcel as they are great for oral care and are scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up and plaque build up.

These dog cookies were a winner for Oscar.

A big thank you to the for sending Oscar these amazing goodies. They don't only sell Online Dog Food they also sell Online Pet Supplies which I am going to check out right now. Oscar was thoroughly pleased with everything and I'm sure I will be ordering more products from there again soon.

Find more here -

With Love,

Shay & Oscar x

* This post contains PR samples, this blog is not sponsored or affiliated with the company.

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