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It is now officially summer 2018, I'm excited because erm rooftop bars, Pimm's, prosecco, outdoor cinemas and late nights but also a little sad because 2018 is running by so fast, I can barely keep up. I thought it was the perfect time to create a little summer lust list so you guys can see the products I am obsessing over this summer and hoping to add to my shopping cart soon, alternatively if my family members want to finally start acknowledging my half birthday with presents, that's fine too.

This post will include some amazing summer perfumes, pretty summer dresses and household items to brighten up your home including both high and low end products.

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This luxury brand promises richness and a lasting scent in it's fragrance's. Clive Christian have re-imagined Original Collection perfumes for a beautiful collection of 10ml bottles. I am obsessed over small bottles this summer as they slip perfectly into my clutch bags.

Any Dior advert has me planning my next trip to the store and checking my bank balance. The packaging alone could have me adding this beautiful bottle to my basket.

This has been my go to for so many years. The scent is beautiful and subtle and I can wear it everyday, especially in the summer time.


Lavish Alice has SO many perfect silhouettes to choose from, it was hard choosing just one for this post. Have a look on their website for the most stunning dresses at such a reasonable price.

I adore anything white and loose fitting, this Urban Outfitters dress is perfect for the more active summer days that may include a little dancing and a little drinking.

Yes, Pretty Little Thing. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, not sure if I want anything to hug on to my figure this summer though. The thicker material is perfect for a summer evenings date night with a denim jacket and white barely there's.

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This is bracelet is stunning, I have no other words. I love gold jewellery all year round but it especially pops in summer with the help of that natural sun glow.

These Mirror lens glasses look so cool. Sunglaseses are so much more than protection from the sun, it's 2018, they are a fashion statement.


You can never go wrong with a Jo Malone candle, this one is on my lust list because anything pomegranate must smell amazing and I cannot wait to try this.

French Connection home is to die for. This print is true to my personal home style and brings a small sense of nature into the home through art.

Lastly, my amazing cousin bought me one of these some years ago and it beautifully hangs on the wall with that gold chain detail. I need to add a few more to different corners of my house.

I hope you guys enjoyed my summer lust list, I'll be doing introducing more product posts into the blog this summer and as always I look forward to and appreciate your feedback in the comments section. Happy Summer.

Love, Shay.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Dress: Zara SALE



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