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After a month of feeling unfulfilled and like I cannot produce the content I have planned in my head I have decided to take a different approach to blogging. A Seat With Shay gradually merged hobby blogging and business blogging around a year ago when I decided to take the more 'professional' approach, quote, unquote.

What exactly is professional though? Professional to who? I mean it is somewhat subjective in the creative industry. The guys and girls in the tracksuits are the CEO's now, that's 2018 for you and I am here for it. I realised that I am lacking in putting out content and putting a lot of unwanted pressure on myself to chasing unrealistic perfection.

I logged on to my Tumblr today for the first time in a long while. Tumblr is easily one of my favourite social media platforms, I just post and repost content that moves me whether that be an amazing building in Paris or a some sexy legs in some fishnet tights. It can be shot on the iPhone 4 for all I care, it's about the vibe, not what looks professional and polished. That's what I need to get back to on A Seat With Shay, a lifestyle blog that represents ME.

If you are stuck in 2014 like me and happen to still use Tumblr, here's mine.

I had to ask myself would I prefer to put out no content at all or authentic content? I'm sure you can see why I went with the latter.

It is hard being the person who is woke to social media and all of it's bullsh*t yet still wanting to present my brand in a certain way. I mean - where is the balance? I focused on a more professional approach this summer and I loved it but this Autumn I'm going to switch it up and work on the balance.

Here's to a more authentic and less pressured blog. I hope you guys enjoy my use of iPhone pics, occasionally shorter blogs posts and more personal content. I've kept it short and sweet today, here's to many more quick catch ups.

Do you have any thoughts on professional blogging vs. a more candid look?

Love, Shay.

Shot on iPhone X but remind me to use my back camera next time.



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