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Putting outfits together is to me what playtime is to a child, HAPPY times. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who throw in loads of random clothes and make it work on holiday and then there's me, trying on every exact outfit with the exact bag, sunglasses and shoe I am going to wear it with. I've mentioned that I tend to do too much right?

For my holidays I had two completely different looks in mind, for Ibiza I wanted to look fun, youthful and bright, it is a party holiday after all. For Rhodes my looks were more true to my personal style, more put together and statement based which I will be featuring in a separate blog post.

I always have a look online for style inspiration before a big event and right now I'm vibing with Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and forever and always Zoe Kravitz and Rihanna.

Below you'll find links to all of my looks and some beauty products I'm loving right now. Latest Deals has a wide range of cheap beauty products including MAC, Estee Lauder and more. They find the best deals from our go-to stores like Superdrug and Boots so that we don't have to do the hard work *adds to bookmarks*.



I only bought swimsuits for this holiday, half because I wasn't really in a belly button showing mood and half because I'm just in to them right now. This stripe swimsuit was £25 from Pretty Little Thing (size 12). The high V shape and vertical stripes made my legs look extra long and really elongated my figure, which was much appreciated.

The go to look for Ocean Beach Club is a swimsuit and wedges so Instagram informed me, I'm not a huge fan of wedges so I needed another heel type of shoe that would work. These clear mules are basically me in a shoe and if I could wear them everyday I would. They were only £28 from Boohoo and I might buy them again so that when they are ready to be retired I can bring them back again. Oh and yes most importantly they are comfortable and relatively easy to walk in. The glasses are my new favourite and are on sale for £4 from PLT right now, yass.


For our first night I went for a comfy look and kept it cute in my PJs because we were 100% way too shattered to make it out.



A chilled non picture ready day at the beach are the kind of days I love, especially when cocktail ice-lollies are involved.


This was the night that would go into my friends birthday at midnight. It was also the night to wear our 'cute outfits' for you know group pictures and stuff. This white mini skirt was was purchased from Missguided in March for my cousins birthday and I absolutely loved it. As this is my space on the internet, I feel completely comfortable enough to tell you guys that I fell asleep in it after too much vodka and my body obviously let loose and broke the zip, oooops.

My mum saved the day and took it to the dry cleaners where they fixed it for £11 #BackInBusiness. The bandeau is £6 from TopShop and I've already raved about my new favourite mules. I did not wear these shoes out FYI, I was in Ibiza people, I flung on a chunky sandal and I was good to go.


Another Pretty Little Thing Swimsuit (size 12), because I just could not resist. Orange was my go-to colour for this holiday because dark skin, orange garms and a little highlight is truly an unmatched combo. I have quite a short torso and found that this was even a little short for me so beware if you have a long torso. Again it was a super affordable £25 and was definitely worth the money.



Every holiday has a 'that night' and this was definitely that night of Ibiza. We headed to Ushuaia and had the time of our lives, no exaggeration. If I could head there now I would. This Pretty Little Thing dress (size 10) fit like a glove and I loved the tie up back detail. Bum bags are perfect for festivals and fun nights out because you don't have to worry about holding your bag and if your belongings are safe. This one again was from Pretty Little Thing for just £8 and here is the link to my platform vans.


Crashed and burned. Did not make it to anywhere other than to get some greasy food.


This was our last night, half of us had a flight to catch in the morning so we had to get back to the hotel at a somewhat decent time and by decent I mean like 3am. David Guetta was at Ushuaia and he was amazing. I ordered this shiny Jamaica inspired dress from Pretty Little Thing (out of stock). They only had a size 12 left which was a little too big but they ran out of stock and so I just tied it up and went with it. These are a similar pair of glasses to my old fave from PLT, they're £10 and right on trend.


Our last day. We ended our holiday at Kisstory, Ocean Beach Club, ran back to our hotel, stuffed our party clothes into our suitcases and headed for the airport. I wore this cute one shoulder swimsuit from Boohoo, £10 (size 12). I loved it but it was too big and therefore didn't fit me amazingly. Next time I'll order my holiday clothes more than 1 day before my holiday so I'll actually have time to re-order the right size.


I keep my beauty looks fairly simple, mainly because my skills don't really venture beyond that. My main focus was my skin looking and feeling refreshed as I would be in the sun and partying for 5 days straight. Here's how I achieved this glowy look.

I was going to fit my Rhodes style in to this post but as you can see I have rambled on for long enough and it's more fun being able to do a part 2. I hope you guys loved my guide for 'What to wear in Ibiza' and my go-to beauty holiday look. I really enjoyed this post, maybe I can do more date night or outfit style breakdown posts in the future. Let me know your thoughts on my fun Ibiza looks, what one is your favourite and is there anything you'll be purchasing?

Love, Shay.



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