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Lifestyle Blogger, Summer date ideas

Date when you're single and exploring your options, date during the honey moon period, continue to date when it's been a few years and you aren't really in to going out as much anymore. Tinder dating, teenage dating, senior dating, what ever the circumstances don't forget to date.

As you can tell I am a strong believer of dating and I know some of you 'cringe' at the word dating or 'don't go on dates'. Whatever you want to title it, spending quality time together and exploring new places and things is something that should occur in your life whether you are with your life partner or Matt from Tinder.

Being in a new environment always sparks new conversations and ideas between me and my partner, for example at dinner we may find a new type of food & drink we love, we may get tipsy and forget about that argument we had last night and we just get to enjoy ourselves away from home. Active dates can be so much fun because whether you are a Serena Williams type of fit or not (for me, definitely not), then you either get to try something new, expand on your skills or just laugh together because you are so bad at mini golf.

Like I discussed on my 'Moments that mean the most to me' post, it's the small things that add up and remind you that life isn't always great but there will always be great days.

Lifestyle Blogger, Summer date ideas

Here are my favourite date ideas for the summertime


Independent events can be a lot of fun. They are usually smaller than other events giving you a lot of time to mingle and meet like minded people. Have you ever ended up at an event that you've just walked past and had the best time? I have and you should try it too, busy cities like London always have amazing events to go to in the summer. Make your next date day a spontaneous event.


Ah picnics, a universal summertime favourite. Picnics are great because they can interpreted in so many different ways and made to suit you and your date. You can have a healthy picnic, take away pizza, just be the two of you or invite some friends. My favourite kind of picnics are near a river somewhere and include sushi and prosecco, yes please.


Brunch dates are super cute, especially in the sun and especially when a cute outside table is on offer. I feel like we don't brunch enough, you basically get to eat what you want because there's no line between breakfast and lunch, you get to drink (if you want) because it's 5pm somewhere and there's that nice and sophisticated feeling you get when you get dressed to brunch. One of my first real dates almost 6 years ago was a brunch date and I'll never forget it.

Lifestyle Blogger, Summer date ideas


Dates aren't always cocktails and cocktail dresses, sometimes it's my denim jacket, doctor martens and a vodka and lemonade. I think the people who 'don't do dates' get turned off by the pressure surrounding dating. Dates do not have to be fancy or over the top, keep it simple, pop down to a beer garden and enjoy the vibes.


As much as I love putting on my heels and ordering things off of menus that I can't pronounce, I also love being outside and getting stuck in to activities. Dates aren't always movies and food, dates can be anything you want them to be. It's really a time to be creative and think outside the box.


Who said dates have to last one day. Road trips are the perfect way to have a mini break and not break the bank. There are so many cute staycation locations that are one google away. Air B&B is perfect for your road trip accommodation and there will always be somewhere new to explore during your time away.

What do you think of my summertime date ideas? What kind of dates do you guys like going on? If you're more mature and looking for somewhere to find a companion older dating online may be the answer for you.

Love, Shay.

Lifestyle Blogger, Summer date ideas


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