If you've been here since the beginning you'll know I love my relatable lifestyle posts but equally I am as passionate about London Fashion blog posts. I've done quite a few personal style posts this year and I love highlighting more street-style posts rather than glam ones.

I would describe my style as boho-chic, feminine and slightly more edgy when I'm enjoying down time. I hope you've enjoyed my london style posts this past year and now that I've finally broken out of the after University career scare, I can definitely dedicate more time to doing these and more time to shopping, cheers.

The key pieces in my wardrobe are

Ripped Mum Jeans

Small Gold Hoops

White Cat Eye Sunglasses

Oversized White Shirt

Sock Boots

Small handbags/clutch


Sheer Socks

I hope you enjoy the looks!

London Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

Look 1 - Mums BBQ.

Dress - Zara Boots - River Island

I wanted to wear something that was cute and easy to move around in. Anything oversized helps the eating more than I should guilt. Check out the full blog post here.

Look 2 - Melons Podcast.

Shirt - Misguided Jeans - New Look

Had to choose an outfit in about 5 minutes to go and watch Maya's podcast live so came up with this and loved it. Check out the full blog post here.

Look 3 - Street Party

T-shirt - Zara Sandals - Primark

No thought process just fell in love when I saw this while holiday shopping, such a boho chic look. Check out the full blog post here.

London Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

Look 1 - Dear Humans With Love Event

Dress - Zara Sandals - Matalan

This super cute dress was only £5.99, Zara is me in a shop. Check out the full blog post here.

Look 2 - Blog Anniversary @ Franks Cafe

Dress - Mum's closet Sandals - Primark