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Dear Humans,

Malee Body Cream Packaging

Malée is a cruelty free body care and fragrance brand that uses 100% natural ingredients, yes I said 100%. The company originates from South Africa and the body cream in particular is made with natural plants, fruit and oils found in Africa.

I had the pleasure of going to the Malee HQ a few weeks ago, we recorded some footage of me trying the products for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. All of the products were nothing short of amazing and represent the organic brand beautifully. The Soybean Candle was my absolute favourite, when blown out the warm wax turns into an oil for the skin and hair, it felt like as soft as honey without the stickiness and smelt amazing.

Thank you @MaléeOnline

You can see a little vid of me trying the products here

Malee HQ

Malée Body Cream

I wanted to give this product an honest review so I decided not to review it until I felt I had used it long enough, it has been over 2 weeks and I am already wanting more. When Malée offered to send me the body cream I was thrilled and immediately looked further into the brand and saw all of the other goodies on their website. After receiving my package I was very impressed with the detail and how well it fit the brand identity. For me it isn't just about a product it is also about how it is presented and Malée has thought this through excellently.

Malee Packaging

When first trying the cream, after the soft touch I instantly noticed the smell of mint and shea butter the flavours were prominent but not over powering. The product itself is quite a thick cream which I personally like as I enjoy thoroughly rubbing the product into my skin for a fully moisturised feel, as opposed to a lotion that just glides over the body.

After applying the product all over my body the next test was to see if the product would stay on all day. I have used a few creams that I need to reapply by the afternoon or that I still feel dry after using which kind of defeats the purpose of creaming in the first place. That is not the case with the Malée Conditioning Body Cream, it keeps me feeling moist all day long and I would definitely recommend trying it for yourself.

Along with their other products that I am also I a fan of I loved the family vibe in the Malee HQ and will be heading over to their website for a few Christmas pressies this year.

The product can be purchased here for a very reasonable £20.

Have you used Malée products, what did you think?

Malee Conditioning Body Cream

With Love,

Shay RS x

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