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Adexe, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Apparently there aren't enough hours in the day. With my new working schedule and desire to start my days a little earlier, I'm learning that 24 hours is more than enough. Here's how I am learning to utilise my time and make every day a productive day.

This post is in collaboration with Adexe who sent me one their amazing watches. Adexe seeks to create timeless pieces that reflect the spirit of it's wearer. They focus on craft, quality and innovation as opposed to quantity and mass production.

As someone who likes to experiment with creating a distinctive personal style and finding vintage steals, the thesis behind Adexe really spoke to me, 'The non conformist brand just like you' is how they put it on their website and I immediately knew this brand would be the perfect fit for me.

The first thing I noticed about the watch is the amazing quality for such an affordable price, for the detail and stunning designs I would've expect them to cost a lot more.

I'm rocking the Freerunner - Petite Shamrock and the case is 32.5 mm hand polished stainless steel. This watch is very distinctive with it's khaki colour and minimalist batons. It is currently on sale for £85 down from £109 and there are even more sales on

Adexe watches come in a range of materials and colours, I was torn between rose gold and gold but ultimately opted for gold as it would match all of my existing jewellery and compliment my heavily white themed summer wardrobe well. Be sure to check out the website to see all of their other designs.

Adexe, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger
Adexe, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

I used to start my days no earlier than 10:30am (on a great day), stay up all night probably on YouTube and then repeat. Watching Lydia Millen has encouraged me to start my days earlier, get more done and be more productive when working from home, here's how...


Working from home means that I don't always 'have to go to bed early' because I have no set time to get up. That's what I used to tell myself anyway. The reality is giving myself an 'adult bedtime' allows me to wake up earlier, feeling refreshed. I end up getting a lot more done when I start my day earlier too. Obviously this isn't practical every night as my creative juices do usually start flowing at midnight, but I do try and I have seen the results.


I used to roll out of bed, turn my laptop on and flop onto my desk. Showering first thing and getting dressed means I feel 'work ready' and won't just crawl into bed at the sign of my first yawn. Although I'm at home, I'm still working and it's encouraging to feel like I'm in a working environment. The end result? I have way more time to get stuff done.


I've always been a fan of the checklist, I make a checklist to go to my boyfriends house on the weekend, I'm that girl. Having a check list means I get all of my work and errands done and I can keep my time management on point. If it's 2pm and I've only done 2 things on my check list I know I need to get a move on.


Day light is a bloggers best friend but it can help you too. Lighter and longer days means that it feels like I have more hours to get things done. I tend to do a little more work in the evenings because it's bright outside and it feels earlier than it actually is. I also have an extra 4 hours every evening to squeeze in some blog pictures which is super helpful. I like to take advantage of these summer months because I know by October I'll be cuddled up on the sofa with a cuppa because it feels like 9pm at about 6.

On my new schedule I have been able to accomplish so much more than usual. My blog posts have been more frequent and of a higher quality which in turn has generated more views and blogger opportunities, I am not as tired as I usually would be and I feel motivated to get as much work done as I can everyday.

Make more time for yourself this summer too.

Are there any changes you want to make to your schedule? How are you guys making more time this summer?

Love, Shay.

Adexe, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Adexe, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger



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