Dear Humans,

Fashion blogger date night shoes shot

Shay avec Sammy, date night Southampton 2014.

No intro needed, let's talk dating.

Because the only thing that's harder than listening to this Kardashian pregnancy news is dating in 2017.

Actual dates

I've never been a dater because I'm more of a 'oh we're mates and now I like you cause I know your personality and my sarcasm hasn't scared you away so yes I will be your gf kind of girl'.

However I am aware of the struggles of dating and the even greater struggles of dating in 2017. Being a friend of the datees I am regularly ambushed with outfit ideas and screenshots leading up to said dates. It's always slightly awkward meeting up with someone you could potentially like for the first time. Speaking for all women here but we genuinely appreciate a guy actually choosing somewhere cute and telling us to be ready by 7:00pm. All of that 'whatever you wanna do' 'I don't mind' is all too laid-back because you see we need to pre-plan the whole date in our head before attending and I mean you can't do that with 20 mins notice.

'Fancy mini golf hun?'

'yeah sure, let me remove my stiletto heels and my red lip.'

Dates can be lovely though,

and then the bill comes, I love the whole 'WHO SHOULD PAY' DISCUSSION.

Mainly because it gets so heated and partly because it isn't that serious. I wrote a post on 'Double Standards in Relationships' where we touched on this subject but the feedback was very much divided between

"Why not go halves?You ate the food didn't you?"


"Pay, show me you can be the father to my kids."

Still seemingly a very touchy subject.

Online dating

Online dating. So I know this really works for people but it is also is really creepy sometimes. All of the guys that would never ever dare approach you suddenly come out of the wood work and find themselves in your dms with the confidence of Trey Songz.

Me and my friend had the funniest experience once (Hi Manny, if you're reading this)

So I set up a profile for a laugh and my inbox looked a little something like this...

'Is it true what they say about black girls?'

'I would like to try some your chocolate sometime'

'You beautiful black chocolate Queen'