I'm 24 and most importantly I'm hoping you got the White Chicks reference in the title, if not I'm mentioning it now to ensure that you guys get the White Chicks reference in the title.

Mention the White Chicks reference in the title ✓

Ok, back to business. On Feb 10th, I turned 24 years old which is jokes because I definitely look, act and feel a lot younger. I don't even remember how I got here from 18, go to Uni and get a degree they said, it'll be fun they said, it was but now I'm sitting here on the edge of my bed with a Prosecco wondering where the years have gone?

(I lied i'm not drinking Prosseco it just made me sound more grown)

Side Note: Why am I such a weirdo who feels bad about telling a little white lie for the purpose of her own blog post?

I celebrated by hiring the Arch at Peckham Springs which I booked solely because it looks so bloody cute, take a look.


photo credit: www.canvas-events.co.uk/venues/876/peckham-springs

Labelling events a party adds so much pressure, I wanted it to just be like a gathering where we chill, talk and drink so my invite specifically read 'This is not a party.', anxiety was in full swing regardless, thanks babes. I literally invited about 120 people and then felt really confused but also impressed that I knew 120 people.Obviously as birthdays go 20% were ill, 20% don't turn up or even bother to message and then feel guilty when they read this.

I always had a blazer in mind for my birthday look and when the one I wanted sold out on PLT I saw this super cute cropped one and knew a mini skirt would go great with it, in my opinion it did.

Shoes: Topshop Blazer: PLT Skirt: PLT

I drank, a lot. So yeah it was basically a normal Saturday night lol, I caught up with old friends, laughed with the friends I talk to every single day and ate the tasty cupcakes my mum made for us, cheers woman, you're fab.

Oh yeah quick one, I bought the sweetest little glasses from PLT and they were used as a prop throughout the night, lol. Someone even asked 'Who have you dressed up as?' the fact that the answer was 'No one.' is just my life in a single exchange, awkward. Also cute to my friends who said I was giving them Clueless vibes xoxo

Thank you @zaacft for these pics and below are the poorer quality iPhone ones.

Thanks to everyone who came, I love you very much.

Hair @stylesbycokes_x

Love, Shay.