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Leggings: Primark Heels: Topshop Jacket: Vintage French Connection

Enjoy the stories I've gathered other the past couple of weeks guys, I know I had fun reading all of these.

'He was a rebound and I was waiting for an excuse to get back with my Ex. One argument and poof he was gone. I called my Ex the same night and yes, I feel bad.'

'because I was bored. At my age you want excitement as well as love. There was lust and boredom, so I dumped him. I hope I find someone who can be the spark to my energy and loves me like Kel loves orange soda.'

'I broke up wth three different guys because their bathrooms were DISGUSTING.'

'because when I went to his house, his mum said 'Oh she's here now, Jade only just left 15 minutes ago'.'

'because I went to a rave that I told him I wasn't going to and I started dancing with my ex. When he called me I said I was in bed but his friend was at the rave and recorded me. I was confronted and I lied until the evidence was sent. I was so embarrassed I just said things aren't working out between us and we obviously want different things.'

'because he came to my house and stole my Nintendo DS'

'because I met my current boyfriend while I was seeing him and my current boyfriend seemed like much more fun. Wasn't a bad choice because 6 years later we're still together.'

'I broke up with him 3 days before Christmas because I decided to use the money I had for his Christmas present to treat myself and instead of just telling him I couldn't afford a present I thought it would be a better idea to just dump him and break his heart before Christmas.'

'because he had a party sausage. He was definitely a big man to me and I definitely shouldn't have been seeing him. I was about 17 at the time, I went to his house, done the thing and I was stunned, it was so small I was traumatised. He finished, I jumped up, got dressed and was so eager to leave I buckled over his peddle bike and dropped. I text him 'I'm home' and never ever responded or spoke to him again.'


'I've got another one, I dumped him because his willy was too big (different guy). He was a lovely guy and his mum was so nice but I'm that girl, I experience something once, I know it's not for me and I keep it moving. I told him I needed to focus on my studies because I couldn't deal with pain every week.'

'because he was boring and I found out he kept a gun under his bed. He wasn't a 'bad man' so I guess he was holding it for someone else which is a bit waste.'

'because I liked another guy and wanted to link him so I ended things with my boyfriend. It's not as bad as it sounds he had cheated a few times, at least I actually ended the relationship.'

'because he had cheated in the past and I realised I was only with him so that other girls couldn't be with him, I was over it.'

'because his friend took his hat off and he had a receding hairline.'

'because we went out on a date and I saw him get slapped up around the corner and he came back and acted like nothing happened.'

'because he had no sense of humour and it was draining my soul'

'because I went to his house and he clearly had love bites over his neck but he tried to claim it was because he got into beef the day before and the 'paigons strangled him', yeah right.'

'because he wanted to become an entertainer, he began cheating and acted like it was 'apart of the job' I soon left and so did the job.'

Well that was entertaining! Comment below if you've ever been in a similar situation to any of the stories above or just comment to say hey. Thanks for reading my loves.

Love, Shay.



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